Why is Work Out Effective for Infertility? Pregnancy and Work Out/Exercise


You may hear a lot of information about the benefits of working out for infertility, but why is it effective? Many people who suffer from infertility are not good at exercising, therefore we will explain here why working out/exercising can help you get pregnant.

If you don’t understand the mechanism, you won’t be motivated, so please take a look if you are interested.

Benefits of Work out/Exercise

Work out/exercise is very effective for fertility, and here are some specific benefits.

Improve the function of the ovaries

Work out/exercise increases the body’s ability to produce heat.

Exercise increases blood circulation and blood flow to the ovaries, where eggs are produced. Hormones that are closely related to pregnancy are delivered through the bloodstream, so moderate exercise is an important part of getting pregnant.

Research has also shown that people with more muscle mass in their lower body have a higher ovarian function. *There are individual differences in the effects.

Effective for male infertility

Work out/exercise is effective in increasing testosterone. Testosterone is an important hormone that controls male energy. 

Specifically, testosterone is a hormone that is necessary for increasing sperm volume. Work out/exercise is an effective way to increase the secretion of testosterone. *There are individual differences in the effects.

Moderate Exercise

Now that our lives have become more Westernized, moderate exercise has become an essential part of maintaining good health. In the past, Japanese people used to eat and do other things at a table, sleep on a futon, and use the toilet in a Japanese style, bending down to do their works. In this way of life, they probably sat down and stood up at least 30 to 50 times. This is how much squat training they did every day, training the quadriceps femoris and gastrocnemius muscles, the largest muscle group in humans, and raising their basal body temperature with the heat generated by the muscles to increase my basal metabolism.

In people with infertility, it is very useful to strengthen the muscles to raise the body temperature and increase the basal metabolism with the heat that is constantly being generated. The fact that poor people in Africa, India, and rural China are more fertile is proof that strengthening the muscles in the legs makes it easier to conceive.

The opposite is true in Africa and India, where infertility is as prevalent as it is in Japan. In today’s society, women don’t have a good chance to exercise their legs at work, so it is important to learn pelvic exercises that can improve the blood flow to the ovaries and uterus efficiently while sitting, discreetly at work.

In addition, we recommend cleaning the house and doing squats after going to the bathroom. Cleaning in particular is tiring, but the sense of accomplishment and freshness that comes with it is wonderful. Your husband will be happy to see you, and you will have the best environment to welcome your baby.

It is said that the legs are the “second heart”. In other words, the blood pressure of the heart cannot push the venous blood up when it returns to the legs. The contraction of the leg muscles presses the veins in the muscles, pushing the blood up, and the valves in the veins prevent the blood from flowing back, thus maintaining the circulation in the lower limbs.

However, many people sit in chairs all the time and do not use their leg muscles. This causes inflammation in the pelvis, and when menstrual blood flows back into the pelvis through the fallopian tubes, it creates an environment where the endometrium in the menstrual blood can easily grow.

Therefore, if you have severe menstrual cramps or endometriosis, walking and exercising your lower limbs as much as possible on a daily basis will help relieve your symptoms. Don’t sit in a chair for a long time, just move your legs back and forth for 5 to 10 minutes after sitting for an hour will be effective.


To improve the blood circulation for infertility, you need to move your legs especially. In the past, people used to use their legs a lot, not sitting on the chair all the time, therefore people living in the modern world need to find some time for work out as well.

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