Why is Vitamin Therapy Effective for Infertility Treatment?


Vitamin therapy is effective for diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

However our topic today is about vitamin therapy as part of infertility treatment that some hospitals have adopted, which can be expected to have positive results.

In this topic, we will explain in detail the relationship between fertility treatment and vitamin therapy, including the kinds of vitamins that are effective for infertility.

What is Vitamin Therapy?

Vitamin therapy is a treatment aimed at treating diseases and improving constitution by ingesting vitamins necessary for your body.

 Speaking of a popular one – the highly concentrated vitamin C intravenous therapy for cancer, but the therapy also includes the intake of other vitamins through supplements and meals.

Effect on Infertility

Vitamin therapy has been found to be effective against infertility. Studies conducted at the University of Pittsburgh in the United States have reported that the intake of beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E is related to the period required for pregnancy.

In other words, with the increased intake of beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E, you’ll be spending less time waiting to get pregnant.

 By performing vitamin therapy, the functions of reproductive organs will be supported.

Vitamins that Can Treat Infertility

In this section, we provide you some essential information about vitamins that can help in treating infertility.

Vitamin E: Increase in luteinizing hormone!

Vitamin E is a vitamin that is also related to pregnancy so much so that it is also called “child treating vitamin”.

Luteinizing hormone, the hormone essential for pregnancy, is a main component of vitamin E. Secular secretion of the luteinizing hormone makes it easy for the fertilized egg to land on the endometrium.

Vitamin E is also a vitamin with a strong antioxidant effect, which can be expected to remove active oxygen from the body.

In the case of men, it may be prescribed at the hospital to increase sperm volume. It is recommended for couples who are trying to get pregnant. Therefore both men and women should take it for fertility.

Foods rich in vitamin E
Almond · Eel · Avocado · Pumpkin · Spinach · Komatsuna etc.

Vitamin C: enhances antioxidant action of vitamin E

Vitamin C is not directly effective. But it also increases the antioxidant action of vitamin E. By ingesting it with vitamin E, vitamin C makes the effects more powerful than taking vitamin E alone. Both of these should be taken in supplements.

Food including vitamin C
Cabbage · broccoli · pepper · strawberry · lemon · green tea etc.

Other vitamins

Besides vitamin E and C, there are several other vitamins that are said to be effective in pregnancy.

Vitamin D has been reported to raise the success rate of in vitro fertilization, and vitamin A to avoid menstrual irregularity or infertility by normalizing cell function.

How to Get Vitamin Therapy 

We have explained the effect of vitamin therapy on infertility, but it does not mean that consuming large amounts can generate positive results. Avoid excessive intake of vitamins, as various side effects have to be taken into consideration. For example, there is an opinion that overdose of vitamin E increases the risk of osteoporosis and blood clotting difficulty.

A sufficient dosage of vitamin E is 6.5 mg for an adult female. If you are doing it for pregnancy purposes, increase the dosage to 100 mg to 300 mg.

Because vitamin C is water soluble, excess is excreted as urine. 2000 mg of vitamin C per day can be taken as the maximum dosage.


Vitamin therapy is said to be effective in infertility.

There are still few clinics incorporating vitamin therapy in infertility treatment, and it is common to include vitamin therapy from foods, supplements, etc. at hospitals other than infertility clinics or yourself.

Taking lots of vitamins makes one feel safe somehow from bodily dysfunctions. But that should not be the only reason for your supplements. It is recommended that mothers and dads adopt vitamin therapy with an overall goal of improving the body continuously and not only during pregnancy, or when trying to get pregnant.

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