Why Guys Should Know Their Fertility Status As Well

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Usually, women are the ones being blamed when it comes to infertility. However, several reports have shown that about 6 million American men and women realize that they have a fertility issue. And actually, about 40% of these couples that the issue lies with the man while the other 40% is because of the woman. The remaining 20% appears to be either both partners contributing or the cause is unknown.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why men should be informed about their fertility level and some advantages that it brings. 

Reasons Why Men Should Be Informed About their Fertility

Due to the lopsided media and advertising attention paid to female infertility, there exists a lack of attention to male infertility. The chance of having infertility deeply threatens the self-esteem and sense of masculinity of any man out there. This can cause denial that an issue could exist, defensiveness when the subject is brought up, and a reluctance to take steps in order to diagnose a possible issue properly.

Also, the male equivalent of menopause in women is andropause which is a condition when the levels of androgens or male sex hormones begin to decline steadily, as well as the low rates of sperm count, sperm health, sexual desire, and sexual performance. When a man ages, it also affects his reproductive system as it is being governed by his genes, his environment, and how well he takes care of himself. Below are some major causes of male infertility:

Causes of Male Infertility

  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Heat exposure to testicles
  • Overweight/obese
  • Low sperm quality

Some of the reasons why men should be well informed when it comes to their fertility level are to help themselves in taking charge of their reproductive health and to let them know how complex and difficult it can be to conceive a child successfully. Also, there are many factors that affect a man’s quantity or quality of sperm such as medications, chemical exposure, or some other viral diseases. 

Advantages of Being Aware Of Male Fertility

Men tend to isolate themselves and avoid expressing their thoughts and feelings about infertility. Thus, getting support from one another in the community is crucial and nothing to be ashamed of. If you are a man or you know someone who is struggling with their fertility as a man, here are some advantages of being aware of male fertility.

  • It helps them to prepare for the difficulties of infertility, as well as the emotional stress that comes with it.
  • With the use of sperm analysis, a man can learn about fertility problems and he can also have a first look into his reproductive health clearly.
  • Encourages men to seek essential resources they need like sperm freezing to protect them against fertility complications in the future as they get older. 


Thus, guys should really need to know about their fertility status because they might also be affected by various factors in their reproductive health, possibly leading to male fertility issues such as andropause, low sperm count and quality, etc. They must take charge concerning their reproductive health. By doing this, men can prepare themselves for the difficulties of infertility, or they can learn more about their reproductive health clearly, and encourage them to seek useful resources like sperm freezing.

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