Pregnancy Test: Why do you get the wrong result?

Pregnancy Test

In the previous article, we have explained when you should use a pregnancy test kit to get correct results. The manufacturer guarantees that a pregnancy test kit can judge correctly with an accuracy of over 99% if you use it in the right way.

So, why do you get the wrong result when you use a pregnancy test kit? Read on to find out!

Do I need to Use the Pregnancy Test Kit?

When you have regular menstruation but if you don’t have the next cycle one, you may be worried if you get pregnant or not. Using the pregnancy test kit is the easiest way to check it. However, if you don’t follow the instruction, you may get the wrong result.

The Reasons for Generating the Wrong Results

These days, it is said that the pregnancy test kit works well. However, still, there’s a chance that you may get the wrong result.

False starting test

The test period determined by the manufacturer is one week after the scheduled period. However, it’s called a “false starting test” when you use a pregnancy test kit too early. A false starting test may give you a positive reaction even if you are not pregnant, and vice versa.

Read the instruction well before you use it.

Change the result from negative to positive over time

The time from when urine is applied to a pregnancy test until the results are revealed is determined by each product to help you check the results. Some pregnancy test kits come with a caution on the label that says, “Do not check the results after more than 10 minutes”.

In fact, a pregnancy test kit that has a negative reaction immediately after the test may reveal a second line after a certain time passes. However, this does not mean that the appearance of the positive result was delayed. Some of the urine simply evaporated. Therefore it is vital to follow the instructions specified in the manual in order to get reliable results.

How to Use a Pregnancy Test Kit correctly

Check the correct method of using a pregnancy test kit based on the following key points:

Know when you can use a pregnancy test kit

As we mentioned before, the period when you can use a pregnancy test is fixed. Most pregnancy test kits in the market can be used one week after your scheduled menstruation. If you use it earlier, you will not get the right result.

Pregnancy test kits are now very precise, and even a very small amount of hCG can be detected. If you test at the appropriate time (after 4-5 weeks of pregnancy), you will definitely see a positive reaction if you are pregnant. Therefore, even if you failed, don’t panic and try again.

Judge the result at the time determined by the user manual

The response time is about 1 minute for many pregnancy test kits. If you check the result before a minute passes, the reagent may react temporarily to the urine and 2 lines may appear. However, this is not a positive reaction because the lines may disappear quickly after they showed. If you check it after a while, the result may appear to change. Therefore, the result immediately after the test may be the correct one.

Recommend dipping the test kit in urine in a paper cup

If you feel uncomfortable or worried about not being able to place the urine at the right spot, or not being able to follow other instructions, it is recommended to use a paper cup.

Collect urine in a clean paper cup and dip a part of the pregnancy test kit in the urine. For this method, it is necessary to dip for a few seconds longer than when you put urine directly. It is written in detail on how to use the kit, so please read it carefully.

Other notes on using a pregnancy test kit

The test result will be the same regardless of the timing of the day. Medicine that you take and pills do not affect pregnancy test results. However, if you have menopause, a tumor that makes hCG, receive hormones containing hCG or injection, advanced proteinuria, hematuria, diabetes, etc. you may get a positive reaction even if you are not pregnant. Therefore, see your doctor first.


These days, you can get correct results from a pregnancy test kit as long as you use it the right way. If you suspect pregnancy, you can use a pregnancy test kit easily to check. And if it’s a positive reaction, see your doctor as soon as possible.

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