Why Am I Gaining Weight After Giving Birth? Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy


“I grow fat because I am too busy growing up my child.” This statement is often heard from mothers.

Why is it easy to gain weight when raising children? There are a lot of things that I understood after seeing the actual troubles from my own experience.

In this article, we will answer that question and introduce the tricks to prevent adding unnecessary weight after childbirth.

Easy Tips for Preventing Weight Gain

The reason why the mothers who are raising children are easy to gain weight is in the environment of child-rearing. It makes it easier for all overweight conditions to be aligned as follows:

All the favorite menus of men and children are served at the table – except yours

I often hear from mothers “my diet has changed since I became a mother”. As children can freely eat food because they are growing, it is increasingly troublesome for most mothers to avoid consuming the kind of food children prefer, like fried foods, etc. As a result, options that are healthy for mothers such as simmered dishes will not appear much on the table.

If you keep eating high-calorie dishes along with growing children with a strong appetite, it will be difficult to keep a slim body shape. It is recommended that you arrange side dishes such as grilled fish, pickles, simmered dishes, etc. on the table so that adults can eat their preferred dishes and children can eat their own set of dishes.

Eating “snacks” as often like children

In addition to the 3 meals, children often get hungry in between and eat snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon every day. If this eating schedule becomes a habit for mothers, it will be easy to consume more calories than what your body needs. You need to adjust your calorie intake according to your diet, rather than eating snacks as often as your child eats.

If you want to cherish the time to eat snacks together, make it a point to decide on the kind of food and quantity that you are going to eat. Also, by eliminating the habit of eating so as not to waste the leftover food by the child, it will become easier to save the calorie intake.

Eliminate stress with “food”

Anxiety and irritation are unavoidable when raising children and stress are likely to accumulate. Anticipate the instances when our patience is put to the test. Instead of resorting to food, be ready with something to fall back on like a hobby or a favorite movie.


Lack of exercise is one of the big causes of postpartum weight. If we are able to make it to the next block by walking let’s use that opportunity as a time to exercise. Go window shopping as an excuse to walk around, or pick up your child at the kindergarten by bicycle.

I cannot make time for myself

“I always do my best for my child” is the motto of many mothers out there. It is almost impossible to create time for yourself to exercise, train your muscles, and recover because mothers are busy and facing new challenges every day.

When it is difficult to make time for yourself, you tend to give up on your diet too. In such cases, we recommend that you take training that can be done in a short time or choose activities/exercises that you can do with children.

After childbirth is the best time to recover your body form. Although we have priorities as mothers, a little ingenuity in small habits will help us regain a fit body. Together with conscious eating, our efforts will pay off.


Therefore, you need to consider maintaining a healthy body and prevent weight gain after childbirth by preparing your own set of nutritious meals, deciding the right and healthy snack alternatives for you, trying different kinds of worthwhile hobbies, walking around your neighborhood with your child as a form of light exercise, and take simple body training that you can do at home. Please follow our guide in this article and live with good well-being with your family!

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