Who is Your Baby’s Father? The Latest Development in Pregnancy Tests

Baby and Dad

Women often use home pregnancy tests which detect if one is prospecting a child or not. But there are cases when some women become pregnant without knowing for sure who their unborn child’s father is. This is mainly due to the changes in relationships and/or sexual partners.

Well, do you know that you can identify your unborn child’s father through pregnancy tests?

In this article, we are going to discuss the latest developments in pregnancy and paternity tests, especially in identifying the child’s father.

I don’t know who my baby’s dad is.

If you have a complicated relationship with someone, and when you get pregnant, you may not sure if he’s the father or not. Then, you may be confused and in fear. However, these days, there are interesting studies shown which may be helpful for you.

The Effect of Prenatal Pregnancy Tests

Based on the article published by ZDNet, studies have come up with the percentage of pregnancies in which the supposed father is not actually the biological father, which ranges from 0.8% to 30% with the median being 3.7%. There will be various effects when these prenatal pregnancy tests are able to reveal who the real father of the child is.

First, the increasing demand for this shows the necessity to vastly expand the testing. Second, this could potentially increase the paternal support for pregnant women if presumed fathers found out that the babies are theirs. The downside is that if pregnant women find out that they are not carrying the babies of their desired fathers, this will likely increase the number of abortions. But, that depends on the family’s decision.

Emergence in New Types of Pregnancy and Paternity Tests

In 2016, there was news about mothers-to-be will soon be able to find out their child’s father at just eight weeks pregnant. The scientists from AlphaBioLabs will simply determine whether the presumed father is the real father of the mother’s unborn child through the use of swab samples taken from the man’s mouth and the woman’s blood test.

Their DNA prenatal paternity test appears to be the UK’s most accurate non-invasive method to determine the unborn child’s paternity. This high-end procedure incorporates DNA SNP microarray technology by preserving and analyzing the baby’s DNA found in the mother’s bloodstream. They provide at least a 99% probability of paternity. You can find more about the product here.

With the new evolution of pregnancy tests in the market, DUO-Parental developed this state-of-the-art technology and a more intelligent system. This test will help you to know if you are pregnant and also to identify your child’s father if you have past sexual encounters with others.

New technology and science are amazing, aren’t they? You don’t really need to be worried too much when you get pregnant.

It uses as a traditional test as to when you directly contacted it to your urine for about 3 or 4 minutes and see if two lines appear, this means you’re pregnant. If the alleged father urinates and these lines are erased, this clearly shows that he is not the real father of the unborn child. For more info, check the procedure here.


Whether the alleged father of your unborn baby is a real one or not, the important thing to consider here is the baby’s overall condition. We all know that it depends on the mother’s decision but you should consciously think about the life forming inside the womb. Babies are wonderful gifts for parents-to-be as they bring joy into the family.

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