When is The Best Time for Fertility? Summary of Fertility Care

It is said that timing is the first step in fertility control, but you may be wondering when is the best time to start fertility control. In addition, not only women but also men may need to be fertility tested. It would be important for both of you to get tested before starting fertility care

Here, we will tell you when is the best time to conduct monthly fertility care.

It is best to start it 2 to 3 days before the day of ovulation?

It is said that the ideal is to begin sexual intercourse for pregnancy 2 to 3 days before the day of ovulation, when it is thought that “it is time for ovulation” by utilizing basal body temperature and ovulation test pills. At this time, it is ideal for men to be celibate so as not to dilute their sperm count.

Incidentally, if ovulation induction drugs are used, the doctor will confirm the date of ovulation 14 days after the start of oral medication, and if it is confirmed that ovulation is likely to occur, sexual intercourse should take place.

The number of times should be as many as possible.

It is said that the ideal time to have sexual intercourse is from 2 to 3 days before to 2 to 3 days after the expected ovulation date, and of course, the number of times should be as many as possible.

Although it depends on the partner’s physical condition and other factors, it is advisable to prepare your feelings and physical condition as much as possible for the day of ovulation and to be in perfect physical condition. 

Things to be aware of when practicing the timing method


The timing method is recommended for those who wish to get pregnant as naturally as possible. The following are points to keep in mind when practicing the timing method.

The timing method should be practiced at an early stage.

The timing method is recommended for those who are young enough to be the mother, whose body is in good condition to conceive (e.g., through hormone tests), and whose sperm are healthy. Since this method does not involve any medical treatment and is based on timing, it is not guaranteed to result in pregnancy at the same time (although it is not 100% certain for other fertility treatments either).

Therefore, if you are using the timing method because you are hoping for a natural pregnancy as much as possible, it is advisable to practice it at an early stage. As soon as you start talking about having a baby, start taking your basal body temperature.

Keep the couple’s physical fertility up.

In order to have a smoother pregnancy, it is very important to increase the “fertility power” of each couple. The following are some effective ways to increase fertility.

  • Keep your body warm (raise your body temperature)
  • Maintain a healthy mental attitude and avoid stress.
  • Take folic acid.

 Raising your body temperature is especially important, so try to avoid eating and drinking cold foods, take a hot bath every day to warm up your body, and do light exercise to raise your metabolism.

In addition, it seems that women are still the only ones who make efforts to improve their fertility, while men are not so cooperative.

Recently, however, as a result of various fertility tests conducted on couples, there are an increasing number of cases where pregnancy is difficult to achieve because the male sperm is not healthy. Pregnancy is not the sole responsibility of women, so we urge men to raise their awareness as well.

Take tests as needed when the time is right.

If you have been trying the timing method for several months without success, we recommend that you have a hormone test, sperm analysis, or other tests to check for factors that may be preventing conception.

Many people are uncomfortable with tests, but if the cause of the problem remains unknown, you may end up not being able to conceive… and if the test results are positive, you will feel more positive about your fertility.


In fertility care, “mental comfort” is really important. One couple who had been seriously trying for 8 years to conceive, including timing therapy and artificial insemination, were unable to conceive.

They took a break from fertility control, thinking that IVF was the only way to get pregnant, and to their surprise, they got pregnant naturally right after taking a break.

There are many stories like this that couples have a baby after taking a break. Please do not be hard on yourself, and approach your pregnancy with a positive attitude. This attitude will lead to pregnancy in a big way.