When Does Your Baby Start Grabbing Food in the Second Half of Weaning?


The second half of weaning is said to be around 9 to 11 months of age. This is when your baby will start to eat three times a day, instead of two times a day during the middle period.

The second half of the weaning period is also known as the period when the baby starts biting with their gums, and they can eat porridge in a half degree and foods can be as hard as a banana.

This is the time when babies practice chewing shaped foods with their gums because they can “mash” them. The baby will want to eat on his own, so he will gradually start grabbing food with his hands.

They will be able to eat more foods than in the midterm period, and you will be able to use small amounts of seasonings such as soy sauce.

They will be able to eat three meals a day, and there will be more opportunities for the whole family to eat together, so let’s enjoy meals together!

What is the grabbing and chewing phase of late weaning?

During the second half of the weaning period, your baby will start eating three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, just like adults. However, even though they are eating three meals a day, they still need breast milk or formula, so please give it to them after meals.

As your baby eats more meals, the amount of breast milk or formula he/she drinks will decrease, so it is best to keep an eye on them.

When your baby is in the late weaning stage, you can share your food with your baby. It is a good idea to share pre-seasoned or lightly seasoned family meals, increase the variety of ingredients, and experiment with different tastes and dishes.

In the late weaning stage, lean fish, bluefish, lean meat, and seaweed will be okay.

Is grabbing food in the second half of weaning necessary? Why is that?

In the late weaning stage, babies start to reach for food on their own. When they start to reach for food, they start to “grab and eat”.

This “grabbing and eating” is said to be necessary for the baby’s development.

Babies have learned how to feel by licking, but at this age, they are absorbing many things using their fingertips. Using the five senses, such as warm, soft, sticky, and fallen, is a learning experience for babies.

Grabbing and eating food is also a part of learning and a process of development. But it’s hard for mothers…

There are many times when you may get frustrated because they play with their food and don’t have time to eat.

When they start grabbing and eating, it is recommended that you take measures to prevent stains on the floor and clothing. It is a good idea to put a newspaper or a leisure sheet under the chair.

If the newspaper gets dirty, you can throw it away, making cleanup easier. Leisure sheets can be wiped with water or washed in cold water, so cleaning is easy.

For dirty clothes, it’s a good idea to put on an apron with sleeves. If the floor or clothes get dirty, it’s hard on you, and you may not like to have mealtime with your baby…

If you take measures to prevent stains, it will make you feel a little better and a little less frustrated.

Foods and menus recommended for grabbing and eating in the second half of weaning

One of the best ways to prevent contamination is to make foods and dishes that are easy to grab.

Vegetable sticks such as radishes, sweet potatoes, and carrots are easy for babies to grab and easy for mothers to cook. Boiling them with broth is also recommended, so give it a try.

Bread, steamed bread, and hamburg steak are also great for grabbing and eating.

Here are a few recipes that we recommend for grabbing.

French Toast

  •  1/2 slice of bread
  •  40 ml soy milk (prepared milk)
  • A small amount of butter

This French toast does not use eggs, so even children with allergies can eat it. The bread is cut into long strips and baked in the liquid, making it easy to grab and go.

Instead of powdered milk, you can also make it with follow-up milk for iron deficiency.

Steamed Buns with microwave

  • 4 tablespoons pancake mix
  • 2 tablespoons water (milk or prepared milk)
  • 2 teaspoons of vegetables such as spinach or carrots

This is steamed bread made in the microwave using pancake mix. It is easy to make, just mix the ingredients and microwave.

You can also add spinach, carrots, and other vegetables to the mix when you make it.

In the later stages of weaning, most babies will be grabbing and eating. You want to work on foods and menus that are easy to grab and eat and enjoy your meals.


In the later stages of weaning, there are many more foods that can be eaten. Being able to eat a variety of foods and menus is a great thing for mothers.

However, it can also be a challenge when they make messes, drop things, or start playing with food. There are also times when a child who has been eating well suddenly stops eating.

When weaning, it is important to teach your baby to enjoy food and that eating is fun. When your baby starts eating three meals a day, the whole family will be able to eat together, and you can enjoy meals together.

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