When does the Early Pregnancy Start? Types of Algidity during Pregnancy

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The previous article introduced very early pregnancy. During this time, some pregnant women may feel algidity. However, during early pregnancy, it’s common to feel algidity more often.

This article will introduce when early pregnancy starts and the algidity symptoms during this period.

When does the early pregnancy start?

Many first-time mothers don’t know how to count the number of pregnancy weeks or determine when the early pregnancy starts. Some of them may think that the “very early pregnancy” is when they find out that they are pregnant. However, when you do find out, it’s usually already the “early pregnancy stage”.

Somehow, it’s kind of weird how to count this pregnancy cycle. But it’s better to know it.

For most women, once they realize that menstruation is delayed and use a pregnancy test that shows positive results, only then they will know that they are pregnant. The period when pregnancy test drugs can be used is generally from one week after the scheduled menstruation date.

So when it’s just a week after the scheduled menstruation date, it will be around the fifth week of pregnancy and that usually means that you are just getting into your second month of pregnancy.

Early pregnancy is 2-4 months of pregnancy

The term “early pregnancy” refers to the period from 2 months to 4 months of pregnancy. Strictly speaking, we count by the number of weeks, from 5 to 8 weeks of pregnancy are 2 months of pregnancy, 9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy are 3 months of pregnancy, and 13 to 16 weeks of pregnancy are 4 months of pregnancy. We count 28 days a week as one month, and these 12 weeks is the time of the early pregnancy.

It’s time that you may have algidity.

Algidity is one of things that you may have during pregnancy. If you have this, you feel uncomfortable and you may have a hard time. First, you should know what kind of algidity you may have and then how to deal with it.

What the type of algidity in early pregnancy?

You may feel algidity at very early pregnancy, but most pregnant women feel it also during the early pregnancy. In early pregnancy, the amount of hormone secretion is higher than in the very early pregnancy because of various changes in the body. Yes, algidity comes out in response to changes in the body. Let’s look at the cause of the cold in early pregnancy.

Algidity because of morning sickness

There are many pregnant women who get morning sickness during early pregnancy. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and stomachache often result in an inability to eat or disturbed eating habits. Then the body can’t produce energy and those symptoms may appear as algidity.

Many pregnant women feel algidity at the same time as symptoms of morning sickness manifest. If the algidity occurs because of morning sickness, it’s better to try improving your diet first.

Algidity due to temperature rise

Your body temperature goes up during the high temperature period which happens for about 3 months during the early pregnancy. When your body temperature rises, you will feel algidity due to the temperature difference with the outside air.

Symptoms such as hot flashes, drowsiness and tiredness are often seen, and the early pregnancy may be the roughest time for the body. Symptoms like a cold may last for a while, and you may feel depressed, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, try to find something that you can enjoy as a distraction. If you are sleepy, take a little nap to rest your body.

Algidity caused by poor circulation

During early pregnancy, one easily gets anemia and blood circulation is also likely to get bad. In addition, progesterone, which is secreted in pregnancy, is known to shrink blood vessels. If blood vessels shrink, the blood flow isn’t smooth, and the blood can’t reach the end of limbs. As a result, you may feel algidity, dizzy or sleepy.

Anemia can make it difficult for your blood to reach your head, making it more likely for you to feel dizzy or sleepy. In hospitals, iron preparations may be prescribed, but you need to keep in mind to take iron from food first.


Many of pregnant women get worried and wonder when symptoms of algidity end.

From the end of the early pregnancy period, and upon entering 4 months of pregnancy, you will feel less algidity or sleepiness. The basic body temperature also goes down from the high temperature period, and many women feel better.

Algidity is tricky but pregnant women can’t avoid it. The important thing is knowing how to deal with it when it happens.

Our next article will show you the measures for algidity in the early pregnancy.

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