When and How to Use Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy Test

In the previous article we explained how a pregnancy test kit works and the correct way to use it in order to get reliable results.

This article will explain when you can use a pregnancy test kit.

Should I use Pregnancy Test Kit?

When you use pregnancy test kit, it’s better to know your menstruation cycle first. If you don’t know it and if you just feel like that the menstruation comes, it may waste your money even the test kit doesn’t cost a lot.

You may be worried, but first calm down and calculate the menstruation cycle.

When can you use Pregnancy Test Kit?

Even if your menstruation doesn’t come soon, it does’t mean that you can use the pregnancy test kit soon. Because there’s a point that the kit can tell if you get pregnant or not. Therefore you have to wait for the timing a little bit.

If your menstruation is regular…

The timing of use of pregnancy test kit is crucial. Usually you can use it “from one week after the scheduled date of menstruation” if your menstruation cycle is regular.

Add the number of days of your menstruation cycle to the first day of the previous menstruation. For example, if menstruation comes on a 28-day cycle and the previous menstruation is November 11, the next menstruation is December 9. Therefore the pregnancy test kit can be used after December 16th.

If you don’t know when the next menstruation is coming…

The general guideline is that there is a possibility of pregnancy 3 weeks after the date of having sex. It is considered that the pregnancy test kit is used on the scheduled period. However, it is also important to note the number of days that have passed since pregnancy.

After implantation, hCG hormone begins to be secreted. The concentration of hCG to which the pregnancy test kit reacts begins to appear in the urine approximately at the end of the 4th week of pregnancy.

Therefore, the correct timing to use a pregnancy test kit is one week after the scheduled menstruation. If you use a pregnancy test kit earlier than that, the concentration of hCG in urine is low. This may result to a negative reaction even if you are already pregnant. That’s why the timing of using a pregnancy test must be determined.

Of course, the process of hormonal secretion varies depending on individuals and some women may get a positive result even if they tested a little early. However, it’s better to follow the guidelines to ensure correct results.

If you are in a hurry, take an early pregnancy test kit…

There is an “early pregnancy test kit” that can be used earlier than the normal pregnancy test kit. Because it reacts even at lower hCG concentrations, it can be used at an early stage. There are some products that can be used from the scheduled date of menstruation and those that can be used from 4 days before the scheduled date of menstruation. Usage and results are basically the same as normal pregnancy test kit.

If you want to know the result as soon as possible, this is a better product. However, this is not a general product, and availability may depend on your location (country). This means that it’s not easy to buy. It’s not usually sold at a drug store. You may need to ask your pharmacist or buy online. The price may be more expensive than a normal pregnancy test kit.

How to Know if you are Pregnant or Not?

Wait until urine be absorbed into the pregnancy test kit. Check the two lines to see the results. Pregnancy test kit have a pregnancy determination line and a test completion line. The pregnancy determination part is coated with a reagent that develops color in response to hCG. Therefore, if hCG is detected, it should be colored. The end of the test will be colored if urine is absorbed, regardless of whether hCG is detected or not.

Positive reaction

A positive reaction means that “you got pregnant”. Two lines appear: a pregnancy determination line and a test completion line. Regardless of whether the color is dark or light, if a line appears, you can consider it positive. However, although you can see that you are pregnant, you should check with your doctor as soon as possible to check the status of your pregnancy.

Negative reaction

A negative reaction means that “you are not pregnant”. There is no pregnancy determination line and only one line confirming the end of the test. If menstruation does not come after that, try again or visit a gynecologist.


You may want to know whether you are pregnant or not as soon as possible. However, if you use a pregnancy test kit, you need to wait a week after menstruation comes to get the right result. Check the line and if it’s a positive reaction, go see your doctor!

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