What’s Belta Rooibos Tea? The Characteristics of Belta Rooibos Tea and Why It Is Recommended Tea for Women

Milk for Pregnancy

Belta Rooibos Tea is a kind of rooibos tea which pregnant women and women on fertility treatment can drink.

Rooibos tea was developed in response to our user’s request- the current mom staff from Belta brand which is famous for its folic acid supplement. The ingredients that you need to avoid during fertility treatment or pregnancy are not contained in Belta Rooibos Tea, so you can continue drinking it safely after birth as well.

In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of Belta Rooibos Tea.

Why is Belta Rooibos Tea Popular?

Because Belta Rooibos Tea does not contain bad herbs and caffeine that you are recommended to avoid at the beginning of pregnancy, it is popular among women who care for beauty and health. Also, because it is highly blended with relaxing ingredients, it is a recommended drink if you can’t sleep well.

Belta Rooibos Tea uses organic ingredients for women’s specific troubles such as bad blood circulation and constipation, so there is no doubt that it is women’s best friend!

Belta Rooibos Tea is popular for the following:

  • 9 types of herbs are contained
  • Keeps the body warm through ginger and dandelion root
  • Vitamin C and polyphenols for beautiful skin effects
  • Contains superfruit Maqui Berry
  • Highly safe manufacturing process
  • Reliable customer support system

3 Characteristics of Belta Rooibos Tea

Traditionally made from the fermentation of the leaves of a flowering shrub called Aspalathus linearis, rooibos tea can be enjoyed either with or without milk and sugar. Here are the following characteristics of Belta Rooibos Tea:

  • Mother and baby can drink
  • Certified organic for raw materials
  • Non caffeine · non calorie · non negative herbs

Organic certification has been acquired so that you can drink Belta Rooibos Tea during pregnancy. We have also carried out residual agricultural chemicals and radiological examinations. Belta Rooibos Tea doesn’t have an odd taste so it’s easy on the palate. It doesn’t contain raspberry leaf which is said to cause contraction of the uterus.

We are concerned about customer’s safety first, so we do more inspections than other commercial products and manufacture at a certified factory. During pregnancy, women are primarily concerned about the effects of their food and beverage intake on the health of their baby, so we have made it a priority to make Belta Rooibos Tea safe for pregnant women and babies.

Belta Rooibos Tea is a non-caffeine and zero-calorie drink!

Components of Belta Rooibos Tea

In this section, you will know more about the unique components of our Belta Rooibos Tea. So, please read the information here carefully!

9 kinds of herbs

(Rooibos, rose hip, rose flower, elderflower, dandelion root, nettle, maqui berry, shell ginger leaf, wild asparagus)

Vitamin C

Rose hip


Shell ginger leaf, black soybeans

Super fruits

Maqui Berry

The organic certified herbs in Belta Rooibos tea are blended in perfect balance, and it even contains rare superfruit Maqui berry (for more info on Maqui berry, click here). It is certainly a top-class rooibos tea that contains 9 kinds of organic raw materials that you won’t find anywhere else. Because Belta Rooibos tea was developed according to the request and special needs of women, its luxurious ingredients and dietary fiber content are tailored fit for women’s health and beauty.

Belta Rooibos tea contains Vitamin C and polyphenols. Rose hip is known to be beneficial on health and beauty and rich in vitamin C, while Polyphenol-rich components are contained in shell ginger leaves and black soybeans.

Ginger and dandelion roots are used for keeping the body warm. Pregnant women may suffer from chills Iso ginger and dandelion root that warm your body core are needed especially for pregnant women.


If you are pregnant, or currently on a fertility treatment, drink Belta Rooibos Tea. Not only is it good for you but also beneficial for your baby. Keep your body warm, healthy, and beautiful through Belta Rooibos Tea.

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