What are the Common Treatments for Abnormal Menstruation?

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If you bleed twice or more than twice a month, there are several ways to treat this by yourself such as recording the basal body temperature, maintaining a healthy diet, and doing exercise. However, if you continue to have frequent menstruation, you should see your doctor.

This article will introduce the treatment that you can get for frequent menstruation from your gynecologist.

Do you have Frequent Menstruation?

If you are not sure if you have frequent menstruation, mark the menstruation you get every month. Once you calculate it, it’s easy to tell if it’s normal menstruation cycle or not.

Should I see my Doctor for Frequent Menstruation?

If the menstrual cycle is short, not only can it cause infertility, but the possibility of uterine abnormalities must also be considered. There is also a risk to your life, especially if you have irregular bleeding. If you often have menstruation more than twice a month, do not leave it and have it checked properly by your gynecologist.

Many young women who have irregular menstruation tend to leave it as it is. However, that would lead you with bad result in the future.

Hormonal balance can easily be disrupted by stress, toxic environment, and unhealthy lifestyle. If you think that frequent menstruation is just temporary and you have not taken any countermeasures, uterine abnormalities can occur.

Abnormal bleeding that you may take for menstruation can lead to cervical cancer and uterine fibroids, which can be life-threatening. If you have abnormal bleeding, see your doctor and have it treated.

Treatment for Frequent Menstruation at Gynecology

Many doctors/gynecologists offer treatments to balance female hormones and to treat unfertilized eggs. However, you may need to take surgery if cervical cancer or fibroids get worse. If you discover the disease early, it can be cured with hormone therapy.

Stabilize the menstrual cycle so that it does not come more than twice a month

Female hormones are utilized during the menstrual cycle. Therefore, it’s important to stabilize female hormones including the luteinizing hormone. Hormonal therapy is said to be very effective, because if the luteinizing hormone is not produced, it will become unfertilized eggs. There are other treatments that use low-dose pills. Taking pills will help improve your body type.

Administration of ovulation inducer

If luteinizing hormone is not produced, the period of anovulation may continue. If this happens, ovulation and fertilization may not happen.

If your doctor/gynecologist diagnoses that lutein hormones are not being produced and only anovulation is made, an ovulation inducer may be given. Because of this, progesterone will be produced and your body type will be improved.

An ovulation inducer is also used in infertility treatments. However, it may have side effects such as the possibility of multiple fetuses and accummulating water in the abdomen and chest.
An ovulation inducer is effective for fertility treatment because it amplifies luteinizing hormone. However, since there is a corresponding risk, it’s better to check with your doctor/gynecologist before using.

In addition, if you have any chronic illnesses, tell your doctor during medical examination.


Frequent menstruation may indicate various abnormalities such as infertility and uterine diseases. If you have been bleeding abnormally, there is also a risk to your life. Female hormones can be easily disturbed by stress and unhealthy lifestyle such as poor diet, and lack of sleep, and exercise.

Frequent bleeding should not be taken lightly. It’s always important to listen to your body in order to deal with the abnormalities properly. Improve your lifestyle habits and see your doctor for treatment.

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