Frequent Menstruation: What Should I Do


Some women have frequent menstruation. This means that you have period twice or more than twice a month. If you often have irregular menstruation, there’s a possibility of infertility. Therefore, you need to take some treatment.

What’s the frequent menstruation?

Usually, the regular menstruation cycle is 25 – 38 days. However, if you have frequent menstruation, the cycle may be less than 24 days. Also, you may have menstruation twice a month.

Whether if you have frequent menstruation or not, you need to check your cycle.

Frequent menstruation may lead to infertility

Then, what would happen to your body if you have frequent menstruation? Let’s take a look.

Menstruation more than twice a month makes it difficult for eggs to grow

The menstrual cycle consists of menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulation phase, and luteal phase. The menstrual period is the period when the endometrium is peeled off and discharged as menstrual blood.

When menstruation is over, the period of preparing the condition for pregnancy in the womb begins. The ovulation period when eggs are ovulated from the ovaries is the most likely period of pregnancy.

However, when the menstrual cycle is short, eggs are not made properly, and the endometrium is thin, making it difficult for the fertilized egg to be implanted. To be more specific, when the luteal phase is short, it’s difficult to produce luteinizing hormone, and the ovum often becomes a zygote.

Possible abnormalities in the uterus

There may be abnormal bleeding due to uterine abnormalities. There are many cases of abnormal bleeding from cervical cancer or uterine fibroids. Pregnancy may be impossible to due to the removal the uterus caused by disease, and losing too much blood poses a risk to your life. If you experience a lot of bleeding, or if menstruation doesn’t stop, see your doctor.

Sometimes anovulation is caused by a short luteal phase. The luteal phase is the period when the endometrium becomes soft and fertilized eggs are easy to implant. If the luteal phase is short, less progesterone is needed to develop fertilized eggs, so anovulation happens.

Treatment for frequent menstruation

If you have frequent menstruation, what should you do then?

Record basal body temperature

It is said that the normal menstrual cycle is 25-38 days. Record it in your schedule note or calendar and check your menstruation cycle. If you record basal body temperature, it will be easier to know the current condition.

It’s very important to record basal body temperature to see the condition of your body.

Learn how to take your basal body temperature.

During progesterone production, the high temperature period is as short as less than 10 days. The difference between the high temperature period and the low temperature period also tends to be short. However, there may be a difference between individuals. The low-temperature period may last for a long time, or the basal body temperature graph becomes M-shaped. Use it as a guideline for the period of progesterone production.

If progesterone is not produced in your body, either you will not see a high temperature period, or you may see high temperature period with a long the duration of the low temperature period. If luteinizing hormone is not produced, it becomes anovulatory even if menstruation happens. Record your basal body temperature because anovulation can cause infertility. And see your doctor as soon as possible if you think there is an abnormality.

Have healthy lifestyle

Progesterone is strongly influenced by physical condition and mind. Try to improve blood circulation and make a healthy body by having regular lifestyle habits. Lack of exercise or bad diet can worsen blood circulation and reduce the ability to deliver necessary nutrients.

Lack of sleep and irregular lifestyles can cause stress. This can cause a decrease in luteinizing hormone. Therefore, try to eat well and sleep well and have a healthy lifestyle. Meal and sleep are two of the three major necessities in life. These have a positive impact not only on the body, but also on the mind.

Keep your body warm

When your body gets cold, blood circulation worsens. It leads to a decrease in luteinizing hormone. Therefore, keep your body warm. Not only in winter, but also in summer, as AC can make your body cold. Take a warm bath and drink something hot.


If the menstrual cycle is short, the egg is less likely to grow and the possibility of anovulation increases. When it becomes chronic, it becomes impossible to make a mature egg and may result to infertility. Check the basal body temperature, the thickness of the endometrium, or if you are anovulatory or not. Basal body temperature can also help you see the status of your overall health.

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