What Should I Prepare On the 10th Week of Pregnancy?


The 10th week of pregnancy is a significant time for your baby because of major changes in his or her growth that are very observable. As for you, the mother, you can look forward to the end of morning sickness symptoms; and now that you can move around more freely, it is time to start preparing for giving birth.

This article will introduce what you should prepare on the 10th week of pregnancy, and why it is necessary to start preparing as early as the third month of carrying your child.

You May Not Know What to Prepare

If you are new mom, it’s normal that you don’t know what to prepare for pregnant life/your baby. You may research maternity goods or you may ask your friends who already delivered their baby.

You Have to be Ready for Welcoming your Baby

When your belly gets bigger, you can’t move easily to prepare maternity goods and clothes for your baby. What if you don’t prepare for that? You will be panicked when the time comes. Therefore, the earlier is better to prepare them.

What to Prepare During Pregnancy?

There are many things that you should prepare. But let’s take a look the examples that is better to prepare especially.

Preparing maternity goods/clothes

As soon as morning sickness symptoms are gone, start preparing maternity wear when you can move around again. You need to prepare not only maternity clothes, but also underwear and shoes. You don’t have to shop for these necessities exclusively from the maternity clothes or goods stores. You can continue to use what you have in your closet as long as they are safe and comfortable, and buy what you don’t have. After the 10th week of pregnancy, your belly will get even bigger. So early preparation is a must, as you may not be able to move around as freely in the coming months as you can now.

You will feel comfortable and be relieved when you prepare for the maternity goods.

Prevent stretch marks

One of the major concerns of pregnant women during pregnancy is the formation of stretch marks. Stretch marks are the torn skin (dermis) that form lines on your belly as it gets bigger. You may also develop them in other areas of your body like the thighs and arms, when you start putting on the baby weight.

Stretch marks are difficult to remove once you have them. Therefore, the smartest way to combat stretch marks is through prevention. It is always best to avoid the formation of stretch marks by using effective stretch mark creams before your belly gets bigger, and to continue using it after pregnancy to aid your skin as it tightens back to normal.

Participate in lectures for mothers

Some classes or lectures for moms are carried out in hospitals or local governments that you can attend for free. They teach you a lot of practical advice for meal preparation, breathing methods during childbirth, and how to deal with postpartum. In addition to these lessons, you get the chance to interact with other mothers who are scheduled to give birth on the same period as yours, so that you can have a happy exchange of pregnancy experiences and feel at ease. Your life as a mother expands by talking with people who have the same problems or concerns that you have. It is best to remain positive by hanging out with other mothers rather than dealing with the anxiety of pregnancy and childbirth all by yourself. Of course, do not feel pressured to attend if you don’t feel well, but do try when you can.

Establish cooperation with your partner

Check up with your OB-gyn on the 10th week of pregnancy will reveal amazing things about your growing baby to you and your partner. So make sure to let him come along these visits to the doctor. Let him listen to the baby’s heartbeat – this will make him much more aware of his role as a “dad”. Also, it will be good for him to get used to the hospital atmosphere.

Cooperation from your partner is indispensable to make your pregnancy life enjoyable and comfortable. Do not hesitate to talk about your feelings, physical condition or discomfort, and worries about your baby’s condition with your partner. Encourage him to be actively involved in the house chores, to avoid fatigue. Avoid stress as much as possible in order to maintain a positive outlook and look forward to the day of birth happily.


The 10th week of pregnancy is a time of significant changes for you and your baby.

Enjoy your pregnancy life while calmly watching your baby grow and look more and more like a human. Look forward to these changes as the stable period is coming soon. Be happy with the realization that although your body is not only yours anymore, it has changed into something that will soon bring forth new life into this world.

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