What Should I Be Aware of When Going Out and Bathing My One-Month-Old Baby?

new born baby

When you are getting used to life with your newborn baby, you may be able to go out and bathe your baby. However, if you are a new mom, you may get confused and don’t know what to do.

Here, we will introduce things to keep in mind when going out with your baby and bathing him/her.

When can babies go outside?

If the one-month checkup gives the OK, you can go out with your baby. However, it is not advisable to suddenly take your baby on a train or bus or go out for a long distance, as the baby’s immunity and resistance are still weak.

Also, avoid going too far from home in case of sudden feedings or diaper changes. It is best to take a 30-minute to 1-hour walk around the neighborhood with a stroller or baby carrier. Other points to keep in mind when going out with your baby are as follows.

  • In hot weather, choose a comfortable time of day, such as morning or evening.
  • Avoid direct sunlight in the eyes.
  • Use sunscreen for babies to protect them from ultraviolet rays.
  • Use insect repellent during periods of high insect abundance.
  • Avoid going out on days that suddenly become cold or hot.
  • Be careful not to wear too heavy clothing in cold weather.
  • Carry a nursing cape, milk set, and diaper kit with you in case of emergency.

The outside world is full of stimulation, and outings are beneficial to your baby’s physical and mental development. Remember to be alert to risks and enjoy trouble-free outings.

Babies’ skin is very sensitive. The slightest irritation can cause skin problems. Sunburn is one of them. For this reason, some mothers put on “heavy equipment” for their babies to shut out ultraviolet rays.

However, a moderate amount of UV rays is necessary for babies’ growth. Vitamin D, which promotes the absorption of calcium necessary for bone growth, is produced in the skin when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Extremely low exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause abnormal bone growth due to vitamin D deficiency. Of course, sun protection is important, but it is sufficient to take general measures with sunscreen and other products without being overly nervous.

Precautions while bathing baby

If there are no problems with the baby’s condition and the mother’s postpartum recovery at the one-month checkup. Then, the baby will be able to bathe in the bathtub with an adult and will graduate from bathing. Many people may think, “This will be easier because I don’t have to prepare the bathing set!”

However, if you are not familiar with the process of bathing with your baby, your baby may become overtired or get cold in the bathtub. The following preparations are necessary.

  • Prepare a change of clothes in a room with room temperature, and stack them in the order in which they are to be put on, including diapers.
  • Keep the changing room and bathroom at an appropriate temperature (especially in winter, when it tends to get cold).
  • Create a space in the changing room for the baby to lie on a towel or low chair.

When ready, leave the baby laying in the changing room space, and mom or dad should take a shower first to lightly wash their body. Once the body is clean, carry the baby in your arms and enter the bathtub, but at this time, be careful of the temperature of the water. The best temperature for babies is around 38°C (100°F).

Then, wash the baby with well-lathering soap, starting from the top with the hair, neck, chest, and stomach. After carefully removing the soap, it is playtime with mom and dad. Play with the baby using the hot water to get to know him or her.

After bathing, put the baby down on the changing area and wipe the body and head. Mothers and fathers should also quickly wipe their bodies and change their clothes, which have been prepared in advance. Since it gets unexpectedly cold in the changing room in winter, it is especially important to speed up the process after bathing so that the baby’s body does not get cold.


During the first month of life, there are more things you can enjoy with your baby. For mothers and fathers, it may feel like a burden because there are more new things to prepare for and more things they need to be able to do. However, both moms and dads are newcomers with only one month. There is no need to get worked up trying to do everything perfectly. Enjoy life with your baby while trying new things at your own pace.

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