What needs to be prepared before baby is born?


Before you finally welcome your baby, you will want to make a “birth preparation list” to ensure that you are not over or underprepared for underwear and other necessary items.

Here, we will explain what you need and what is convenient to have by dividing the list into three categories: “items to prepare before going to the hospital,” “items to prepare for after delivery,” and “items to have during pregnancy.

What to prepare before going to the hospital

Birthing panties

Panties with a waterproof finish that can handle lochia (like menstrual bleeding) that begins immediately after delivery. If the crotch part can be opened and closed with tapes, it is convenient because it is not necessary to raise or lower the panties during medical examinations.

Breastfeeding pads

To prevent the soaked bra from soaking up the mother’s milk, it is placed inside a bra. How much you need depends on each person, but it is recommended to prepare a pack of the disposable types.

Nipple protection cream

When you start breastfeeding your baby, your nipples may break and cause pain. Prepare a special nipple protection cream that is safe to put in the baby’s mouth. Depending on the degree, you may also use a nipple protector made of soft silicone.

Front-opening pajamas

To give breastfeeding, it is best to wear pajamas that open in the front! Some types have a nursing opening at the breast, allowing nursing while minimizing skin exposure.

Baby underwear & Ceremony dresses

Prepare a ceremonial dress to wear for your baby when leaving the hospital and underwear to match. We recommend that you buy 3-5 pairs of underwear in bulk with an eye to life after birth.


A large cloth that wraps the baby. There are various types, including simple squares, hooded ones, and ones that can hold the feet. It is convenient to have one to carry a baby who is not sitting on his/her neck.

Tennis ball

When releasing breath during labor, pressing on the buttocks or lower back with a tennis ball may help. A golf ball or similar object can also be used.


Many people feel hot during childbirth, so it is a good idea to have family members fan you with a fan.

Relaxation goods

Keeping a CD of your favorite music or favorite aroma goods on hand will be reassuring during labor.

Makeup items

Makeup products should be prepared for those who are concerned about taking commemorative photos at the time of leaving the hospital. Even if you don’t need full makeup, an eyebrow, blush, and colored lips will give a cheerful impression.

What to prepare for postpartum

Diapers (newborn size)

Since newborns grow small quickly, it is sufficient to prepare one or two packs. Since they feel and size differ depending on the manufacturer, choose the one that suits your baby based on the one used in the hospital during hospitalization.


Although buying in bulk in large quantities is inexpensive, it may be wasted if it does not suit the baby’s skin. It is a good idea to prepare only a few packs at first and buy more as you see how things go.

Baby bath, baby soap

At least until the child is about one month old, bathing in a baby bath is necessary to prevent bacterial infections. Sink-type bathtubs that can be placed in the kitchen sink and air-type bathtubs that are inflated with air are commonly used. Baby soap should be gentle to the baby’s skin and specially designed for babies. We recommend a type that can wash the whole body, including the head.

Bathing cloth, gauze

Cover the entire body with a bathing cloth to avoid startling the baby. Since the baby secretes a lot of sebum, use gauze to carefully clean the baby’s body.

Baby nail clippers

Baby nail clippers are essential for cutting small nails. When the white part is about 1 mm, cut them when they are sleeping or otherwise.


Prepare three to five pieces of baby wear such as coveralls (baby clothes designed to cover arms and legs) to be worn over underwear. Baby dresses (with a wide hem) that are easy to change diapers are also useful for newborns.

Baby carrier or sling

In many cases, it is necessary at the time of the one-month checkup. Newborns should be either a type that can be held horizontally or one that has a support function for the neck even when held vertically. A sling that provides a sense of closeness with the parent is also recommended.

Feeding bottles & related goods

Even if you prefer to breastfeed your baby, you should prepare a minimum amount of milk products, such as bottles and formula for newborns and cleaning products, in case of an emergency.

Baby bedding

A comforter set that includes a mattress, blanket, pillow, and other items should be prepared for use in any season. Waterproof sheets are useful.


This is essential to protect the baby, especially if there are older siblings or pets. If not, consider purchasing or renting one based on the layout of the room.

Nursing cushion

It supports the baby during breastfeeding and helps reduce the burden on the parent or guardian. A type that has a certain degree of firmness and can be washed in water is recommended.

Cushion (Donut Cushion)

It is not uncommon for the perineum to be damaged or for hemorrhoids to develop after childbirth. A type of cushion with a hole in the center can help relieve pain when sitting down.

Diaper garbage can

A special trash can that can seal diapers after use will prevent odors from leaking out. A trash can with a lid will also work.


Newborns do not drool much, so there is no need to buy many. It is sufficient to prepare a few sheets to prevent spitting up milk when going out.

Hats, socks, etc.

When you want to protect your baby from the sun and cold. If it is autumn or winter, you should also prepare a cardigan or other cover.

What to use during pregnancy

Maternity panties

Wear something loose-fitting so as not to put a burden on your expanding belly. Generally, the type that completely covers the navel is most common, but if you are concerned about tightness, a low-rise type is also acceptable.

Maternity bras

Thinking that your bust will increase by about 2 cups from now on, choose an elastic one that does not tight your body. If you use it for maternity and nursing, you can use it for a long time during pregnancy and postpartum. Using a maternity camisole with cups is also an option.

Pregnancy belt

It is an important item that supports the growing belly and protects it from cold. There are several types available, including belly-wrap, pants, and support belt types, so choose the one that best suits the season and your physical condition.

Anti-cold goods

Coldness of the body leads to poor circulation, which can lead to an upset stomach. Make good use of leg warmers, gloves, belly wraps, and scarves to protect yourself from the cold.

Body care creams and oils

Moisturizing is important to prevent stretch marks. From the time you enter the stable period, use oils and creams to take care of your abdomen and other parts of your body. Basically, you can use any product you prefer, but be aware that they may contain aromas that are contraindicated during pregnancy. Products specially designed for pregnant women are recommended.


During pregnancy, the skin is more susceptible to ultraviolet rays and spots are more visible. Since the skin may be more sensitive, choose a more hypoallergenic product and make a habit of applying it frequently.

Low caffeine drinks

When you are pregnant, you should avoid excessive caffeine intake. If you want to enjoy coffee or tea, choose low or no caffeine.


Be prepared for your pregnancy by checking this list. When you are ready for this, you don’t need to worry about your baby after childbirth.

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