What Kind of Symptoms Will You Have on the 10th Week of Pregnancy?


The previous article explained whether you can tell your baby’s gender and other major developments in the echo test on the 10th week of pregnancy as it is a time when you experience and witness many changes mentally and physically in yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy may cause you to worry about morning sickness. However, there is possibility that you will have symptoms other than morning sickness on this very significant week.

This article will explain more details about it.

You may Wonder what kind of Symptoms you will have

Some people who already experienced pregnancy say that the 10th week of pregnancy is kind of big change for them. That’s because you can see some changes on your body and mind, also probably that you can feel that your baby is growing up.

When you see your doctor, you may get echo pictures of your baby. But how can you keep it nice? Keep reading below.

How can you Keep Echo pictures?

Echo photography is one of the most important commemorative photos you get every time you go for a checkup. However, because it is usually printed on thermal paper, you can’t keep it for a long time. But you can ask a photo shop to make a copy. And these days, it is easy to save it as a scan and take the picture again with a smartphone. You can keep it as a child’s growth record.

What kinds of symptoms will you have except morning sickness?

Around 10th week of pregnancy, you will be more stable compared to the early pregnancy stage. However, you may have other symptoms other than morning sickness. You need to be aware that some of them may indicate miscarriage, such as abdominal pain or bleeding.

Some people feel that morning sickness is over, but still you may have another symptom one after another.

Swelling and blood vessels come to the surface

On the 10th week of pregnancy, a large amount of blood is produced to be sent to the placenta. Because of this, blood vessels come to the surface. Some women may experience blood vessels coming up everywhere, such as the feet, breasts, and stomach. However, this is a common symptom at this stage , so you don’t have to worry too much.

In addition, because of the influence of female hormones, your body tends to keep water which makes your body parts swollen. In worse cases, you may feel fatigue. Therefore, try to raise the position of the legs when you sleep, or keep your body warm to promote circulation.

Lower abdominal pain

One of the anxieties in early pregnancy is miscarriage. And one of the signs of miscarriage is abdominal pain. However, some abdominal pain can happen during the 10th week of pregnancy and it’s common. For example, you might have abdominal pain because the ligaments around the birth canal loosen and place a load on the lower abdomen. The abdominal pain in this case is a tingling pain and at the same time you may feel discomfort around the groin. Abdominal pain will be relieved when you lay on the side or wear comfortable/relaxing clothes to lighten the burden on the body.

Backache and hip joint pain

As with abdominal pain, hormones can cause backache and hip joint pain. As the baby grows, the uterus and the pelvis that support it grow larger. This is because the pubic bone joint (the part where the right and left pubic bones are connected) is loosened by about 2 to 5 mm, which causes pain in the hip joint connected to the pelvis.

Try using various methods such as stretching, using the pelvic belt, and lying down on your side when you go to bed to alleviate these symptoms. You need to pay attention to unusual backache, hip joint pain, and bleeding. If these occur at the same time, it may be a sign of miscarriage, so visit your doctor immediately.

Constipation or diarrhea

Constipation during this period is caused by pressure on the intestines by the enlarged uterus, or by the influence of hormones on the blood flow in the pelvis and the function of the intestines decreases. Also, depending on individual, you may have diarrhea instead of constipation.

Because of morning sickness, you may choose to eat only foods that are easy to eat. Other causes of diarrhea may be coldness of the body, loss of immunity, and over-eating that comes around when morning sickness gets better.

Try to eat foods rich in dietary fiber that has a high intestinal function. Also, if you feel well, take a walk or move your body lightly to sweat. However, if symptoms such as abdominal pain or bleeding occur with constipation or diarrhea, there is a risk of miscarriage. In this case, see your doctor.


There are many symptoms apart from morning sickness when you are pregnant. Be aware of these symptoms and signs of miscarriage.

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