10 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms & More Part 2

Pregnancy stress

There are many different symptoms on each stage of pregnancy. Especially during the early pregnancy, most pregnant women have morning sickness. However, there are other symptoms that you may experience which, though normal, are not common to all pregnant women.

This article will explain the kind of symptoms you will have on the 10th week of pregnancy. If you want to view the 1st part.

10th Week of Pregnancy is Important Period

10th week of pregnancy is important period because you will see the many changes on your body and mental. You may be worried about what’s going on your body, therefore, it’s better to have right information.

There are many information these days. But you better to have right one here about pregnancy.

What Kind of Symptoms Will You Have?

Then, what kind of things would happen on your body exactly? Let’s figure them out.

Feel itchy or tension on your breast

On the 10th week of pregnancy, the mammary glands and duct enlarge because of the luteinizing hormone. This causes some pregnant women to feel pain or tension on the breasts. In addition to that, you may feel itchy or dry around the areola. The skin may get sensitive during pregnancy, so protect your skin by applying a moisturizing cream or wearing skin-friendly underwear.

Have spots and bruises

The action of luteinizing hormone is to stimulate melanin. This causes spots, freckles, and bruises to stand out. In addition, the nipples and vulva etc. may become darker in color, although you do not need to worry too much as this condition will naturally diminish as the luteinizing hormone secretion decreases after giving birth. However, stimulation of the melanin pigment also means that you may get sunburn easily. Make sure to apply sunscreen.


In early pregnancy, the discharge may increase. This is due to increased secretion of follicle hormones. However, if the color is white or creamy odorless, you don’t have to worry about it. Basically, there is no need to worry about brown discharge. However, there is a risk of abortion if you feel abdominal pain or tightness around stomach. Also, if the dishcharge is white and dry, and feels itchy, it may be candida vaginitis.

If you have a gray color discharge, you need to pay attention as it may be a symptom of bacterial vaginosis, which is likely to occur when your body gets weak. If this inflammation extends to the placenta or amniotic fluid, there is a risk of abortion. If this happens, go to the hospital immediately.

Things you Need to be Aware of in the 10th Week of Pregnancy

As we mentioned above, the 10th week of pregnancy is important period. Therefore, you need be aware of some points below.

Control Weight

On the 10th week of pregnancy, you may gain weight. Especially, after you’ve had morning sickness and you can’t eat food. When the morning sickness is over, you will have an increase in appetite and tend to overeat. However, if you suddenly gain a lot of weight, the risk of pregnancy hypertension and pregnancy diabetes increases. Therefore, fast weight gain adversely affects not only you, but also your baby.

No smoking, No alcohol, No caffeine

Alcohol and tobacco increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth, low birth weight, and malformed baby. Caffeine also leads to birth defects. Refrain from taking these substances. Many beverages contain caffeine, so check if it is non-caffeinated before you drink it.

This is big No No! You must Not smoke or drink alcohol.

Blood Circulation

The 10th week of pregnancy is the time when a lot of blood is produced and sent to the placenta. It is difficult for the baby to receive nutrition if the blood circulation is not improved.

In addition, the blood vessels on your body and other anomalies occur like varicose veins. You should know that your baby will be affected if you don’t have a good blood circulation during pregnancy. In order to improve it, avoid the same posture for a long periods of time, and raise or move your legs to prevent blood circulation from getting worse. Also, avoid tight clothing that constricts blood flow.

Birth Defects

The 10th week of pregnancy is when the baby’s nervous system and bones grow. Because of this, the nutrient called folic acid is essential. Lack of folic acid increases the risk of birth defects such as neural tube closure failure. Therefore, during this period, eat foods containing folic acid.


The 10th week of pregnancy is a very important period not only for your baby, but also yourself. It is a time of significant body and mental changes, so you have to take care of your body well and watch what you eat, drink, get exposed to (like second-hand smoke and pollution), and apply on your skin.

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