Signs and Symptoms of Bleeding

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When you have bleeding, you may think that it’s because of menstruation. However, in addition to menstruation, bleeding may be  a sign of early pregnancy or irregular menstruation . Some people may have bleeding due to diseases of  the uterus. Therefore, you need to check carefully.

This article will explain the possible implications of bleeding and what you can do about them.

Do you have bleeding?

When you have bleeding, you may think that it’s menstruation. However, if it’s abnormal one, it may be different thing related to disease. Therefore, if you have bleeding, check it closely.

Bleeding doesn’t mean that you have menstruation all the time. It could be a sign of disease. Therefore, you have to check it closely not to overlook the sign.

What would it be if you have bleeding?

Then, when you have bleeding, what kind of possibilities could you have? Please check the items below.

 Implantation bleeding

Some pregnant women have experienced a small amount of bleeding 2 days before the scheduled menstruation, and that  the color of the blood  was brownish.  Menstruation is irregular or delayed sometimes, but it strange that  the bleeding stopped a few days later. A week after it stopped , the  pregnancy test kit showed  positive. Only then that they realize that they had implantation bleeding.

Implantation bleeding is a small amount of bleeding that occurs when a fertilized egg is implanted into the endometrium. Since it often happens  at the same time  as the scheduled menstruation, it often gets confused with menstruation.

 Cervical erosion

 According to one woman’s experience:

“It was diagnosed that the abnormal bleeding was because of cervical erosion. Apparently, I was not sick so I was relieved. But I was worried about the odor, so I got some treatment.”  

Cervical erosion is the part that looks red at the entrance of the uterus. It occurs when the mucosa that covers the inside of the uterine entrance spreads out. However, unlike the disease, it is a physiological phenomenon that occurs when female hormones become active. This erosion has blood vessels on the surface and can bleed even with slight stimulation. Keep it clean and don’t irritate erosions so that it doesn’t worsen.

 Hydatidiform mole

“I got a pregnancy test kit and it was positive, so I went to gynecology and was told that there was a possibility of abnormal pregnancy at an early stage during regular screening. The fetus didn’t grow up, and I took an operation. As a result of the operation, it turned out to be hydatidiform mole. Because it was also pre-cancerous, I needed to do a follow-up for half a year.”

Hydatidiform mole is an abnormal pregnancy. It’s a disease in which the villi in fertilized eggs and placenta proliferate abnormally, and becomes a myriad of blisters and spreads like grapes. There are total hydatidiform moles and partial moles – both of which make it  very difficult to continue pregnancy and require  surgery.

 Ectopic pregnancy

“I had severe pain  in my stomach and was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy when I went to the hospital. An emergency operation was performed because of what was likely to be a fetal sac in a portion where blood had accumulated in the fallopian tube where  the fallopian tube narrowed. It took about an hour and a half with general anesthesia by laparoscopic surgery. I was hospitalized for 4 days.”

Usually, the fertilized egg reaches the uterus and then implants. Ectopic pregnancy is a state where a fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus. The sign is irregular bleeding. However, be aware that you may not notice it because you think it’s  menstrual bleeding.  The chances of having ectopic pregnancy is about 1% to 2% , so  the probability is low. However, if you leave it as it is without treatment, it may cause rupture of the fallopian tube.


 Some types of bleeding may be a sign of pregnancy or disease. Therefore, you need to check any irregularity in bleeding and don’t leave it as is without testing. If it’s caused by a disease, there is a possibility that you’ll have difficulty getting  pregnant in the future. . Don’t miss a sign and always listen to your bodys!

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