What is Belta Folic Acid?

Belta Folate Supplement

You may have heard that it’s better to take a folic acid supplement for fertility treatment and pregnancy. However, there are many folic acid supplements in the market and you may not know which one is the best for you.

Belta Folic Acid Supplement has been very popular in Japan and the product was developed from studies based on the combined requests made by Belta staff and Belta customers who have experienced pregnancy. 

In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of the Belta Folic Acid Supplement.

Absorption Rate

Folic acid contained in Belta Folic Acid Supplement is “yeast folic acid” which is different from general supplements. This helps you effectively prevent and fight the problem of folate deficiency. By incorporating it into yeast as a mono-glutamic acid type “synthetic folic acid” recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, the absorption rate into the body is increased, and folic acid can be ingested efficiently.

 Because the folic acid content of Belta Folic Acid Supplement 400 μg corresponds to the recommended amount per day,  you can take a complete dosage of folic acid which tends to be deficient with daily meals.

The Abundance of Nutrients Necessary for Pregnant women

Belta Folic Acid Supplement is not just a Folic acid supplement.  You can also ingest the following nutrients: 

  • 13 kinds of vitamins
  • 14 kinds of minerals
  • 20 kinds of amino acids
  • 21 kinds of vegetables
  • 6 kinds of beauty ingredients

Since many components such as 12 kinds of vitamins, 14 kinds of minerals, and 21 kinds of vegetables are contained, it is useful for nutritional supplementation at times when you have morning sickness and can’t eat well.

In addition, since it contains 6 kinds of beauty ingredients, it takes care of your skin during fertility treatment and pregnancy when you tend to have skin troubles due to hormonal balance disorder.

Belta Folic Acid Supplement Added More Nutrients

In June 2017, Belta released a new Folic Acid Supplement which contains 3 more highly necessary nutrients for mothers and babies.


Improve blood flow, prepare egg condition, and uterine environment.
Promote fetal brain development


A multifunctional protein that enhances the immune system of the body.
Also included in breast milk, an important nutrient during breastfeeding

Baby collagen

Supports pregnant uterine activity
Collagen type III contained in the eggshell membrane for smooth skin

Safety of GMP certified · non-additive manufacturing method

Belta Folic Acid Supplement is produced as a manufacturing factory of Vivo Co., Ltd., which has been certified as a pharmaceutical manufacturer and cleared the GMP standard with 18 checking processes. We also conducted radiation detection and residual pesticide checks at third-party institutions, and we have obtained “not detected” in either case.

Also, for nutritional ingredients, it is a body-friendly process that uses natural materials of natural origin. Additives such as fragrance, coloring agent, preservative, perfume coloring agent, bleaching agent, fungicide, brightener, etc. are not used at all. This supplement is a very safe product.

No Side Effects Unless Taken in Excess

Belta Folic Acid Supplement is not a medicine but a nutrient function food. Therefore, you do not need to worry about any side effects caused by taking.

However, there are always risks to take any food and supplements that are ingested in amounts beyond necessity. If you overdose on folic acid, it may cause side effects such as loss of appetite, dizziness, nausea, and swelling. 

In addition, research results have been announced that the baby has a higher risk of developing asthma. You need to be careful to take too many fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. as these will accumulate in the body.


Even though it is an important nutrient, folic acid can have a negative effect on you and your baby if you take too much. Be sure to take the specified amount of Belta Folic Acid Supplement.

Fertility treatment and pregnancy are very important and special times for women. There is always the possibility that what you take in your mouth may change the future of your child.

Mothers can not support the growth of the baby without being healthy. Try our Japan bestseller Belta Folic Acid Supplement. This product won the 2018 Pavone Gold award for quality. By all means,  get the best care for you and your baby.

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