Best Food for Morning Sickness

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When you have morning sickness, you may not know what kind of foods you can or can’t eat. Although what can be eaten may vary depending on the individual condition of the pregnant woman, there are some foods that most pregnant women can eat which help with morning sickness.

Can you Eat any Foods while Having Morning Sickness?

It’s very common for many pregnant women to have morning sickness. However, even in this modern society, the reason why the morning sickness happen to pregnant women is not clear.

Why is it better to know what to eat and what not to eat

When you have morning sickness, you may wonder what foods you can eat or you can’t eat. Actually, you may not be able to choose foods while having morning sickness. However, some foods can be trigger to getting severe morning sickness. 

I would like to know what kind of foods I can eat.

We will explain the foods when you have morning sickness.

Are there any Recommended Foods for Morning Sickness?

When you have morning sickness, there are many foods that you may not be able to eat. It’s really a hard time for some women. However, there are some foods that alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness.

Foods that you may be able to eat

There are individual differences in the food that does not make you feel bad even if you eat it while you have morning sickness. However, we often hear the stories from pregnant women, who say “I could eat french fries ” or “potato chips are easy to eat.”

The reason why pregnant women can eat French fries or potato chips is because it’s easier to eat salty foods by changing the digestive enzymes that are the components of saliva.

You may wonder, “But salty junk food or sweets are bad for us, right?”
However, it may be better to fill your stomach with food that you can tolerate whenever you are having morning sickness, rather than not eat anything at all.

So, basically, it’s better to eat something you can eat even if it’s not healthy food usually.

Also, other pregnant women say that it’s easy to eat something cold such as strawberries, apples, and cold noodles because hot foods can exacerbate nausea.

Foods that are said to Reduce Symptoms of Nausea

Some foods are thought to medically relieve symptoms of nausea. Specifically, there are vegetables such as tomatoes and pumpkins, and fruits such as bananas, watermelons and oranges. The reason why these foods are recommended is because they contain a large amount of sodium and potassium, which are lacking during morning sickness period.

Foods that are easy to vomit

If you’re worried about eating something nourishing, but may eventually throw up, choose something that is easy to vomit if you have that type of morning sickness. It is recommended that you eat something soft such as jelly. Among carbohydrates, it is better to eat bread than rice, and it seems to be relatively easy to vomit.

Also, whenever you eat something, drink enough water. It makes it easier for you to vomit your food, and your mucous membranes are less likely to be damaged.

Take a rest after you throw up

If you have severe morning sickness, you may vomit immediately, no matter what you eat. In such a case, take supplements to compensate for the loss of nutrients. When choosing a supplement, choose the ones with vitamin B6. This vitamin is said to relieve morning sickness. Folic acid is also crucial for the baby’s growth.


During the period of morning sickness, you may get depressed and think,”Why is it so hard?” or “Why only me?” However, morning sickness does not last. Find the right way to deal with your morning sickness and overcome this challenge.

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