What are the Symptoms of Early Pregnancy? Are the Symptoms Similar to Menstruation?


The previous introduced the possibility of bleeding in the early pregnancy stage which does not have anything to do with menstruation.

This may confuse a lot of women because it is not uncommon to experience bleeding while pregnant. So what are other early symptoms of pregnancy?

This article will explain the difference between bleeding in early pregnancy, and the symptoms that you may have during menstruation.

You may wonder what the signs are for pregnancy

When you have menstruation, you may have abdominal cramps, tiredness, feeling sleepy, and so on. And do you think that these symptoms are similar to the time when you get pregnant? If you are a new mom, it’s better to know the difference.

You can’t take any medicine easily

If you don’t know when you get pregnant, you may keep taking medicine which you shouldn’t do during pregnancy. Therefore, it’s important to know the signs or symptoms when you get pregnant…or it is just menstruation.

If you take medicine without noticing that you get pregnant, it may affect your baby.

How can you tell when you get pregnant?

There are some signs/symptoms when you get pregnant. Let’s take a look at the differences between menstruation and pregnancy

Is body temperature the same as when you have menstruation and in early pregnancy?

Basal body temperature changes with the menstrual cycle. In general, basal body temperature lowers before menstruation. This is caused by a decrease in luteinizing hormone because you didn’t get pregnant. When basal body temperature remains high, this is an indication that the luteinizing hormone secretion has continued, and the possibility of pregnancy is high. If you have to bleed, check your body temperature.

Keep measuring the basal temperature always.

Many of the symptoms in early pregnancy may occur before menstruation as well. It is difficult to diagnose if you are pregnant before the pregnancy test can be used. However, if your basal body temperature is low, you are unlikely to be pregnant.

Do you feel fatigued even in early pregnancy?

Fatigue before menstruation is one of the signs of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and is mainly caused by the disturbance of the autonomic nerves due to changes in hormone secretion. There are similar symptoms in early pregnancy. However, the fatigue before menstruation naturally goes away when menstruation comes. This may differ between individuals. If you still feel tired after the bleeding stops, it may be fatigue because of pregnancy.

Are constipation and diarrhea characteristics of early pregnancy?

Constipation and diarrhea are common symptoms before menstruation and early pregnancy. This can also be caused by disturbances in the autonomic nerves due to changes in hormone balance. You cannot completely determine whether you are pregnant or just having the usual menstruation based on symptoms of constipation or diarrhea. You should also watch for other symptoms after bleeding.

Differences in discharge during menstruation and in early pregnancy

The difference of discharge between before menstruation and in early pregnancy can be judged by the amount, color, and smell. Some people notice a pink or brown discharge in the case of implantation bleeding. In addition, there is more discharge in the early stages of pregnancy and seems to be watery, with little odor or odorless. There is the possibility of pregnancy if you notice your discharge looking different from the usual.

Before you have menstruation, do you often need to go to the bathroom to pee?

Going to the bathroom more often than normal can be experienced before menstruation and in the early pregnancy. It happens in both situations due to the effects of progesterone hormones and hormonal balance. One of the causes in the early pregnancy is, as the uterus gets bigger, it presses on the bladder. It may be hard to judge whether you are pregnant only through this symptom, so watch out for other symptoms as well.


There are many similar symptoms before menstruation and in early pregnancy. Judge whether you are pregnant or not by knowing the symptoms that are unique to early pregnancy that you don’t usually have before menstruation. Becoming sensitive to smell and changes in taste are just some of the symptoms of early pregnancy. Another indication is tension on your chest, nausea, and a consistently high body temperature. So listen to your body well!

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