What Are the Measures to Reduce Morning Sickness? Part 2

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In the previous article, we explained that there are many types of morning sickness and you have to find some measures to reduce it.

In this article, we will introduce other symptoms of morning sickness and how to handle it.

Reference examples of practical measures against morning sickness (eating morning sickness) 

Suppresses morning sickness by eating. Nausea comes if you don’t eat something. This is a symptom of eating morning sickness. 

There are cases where you feel sick when you wake up, so it is recommended to keep cookies, biscuits, bananas, etc. by your bedside where you can reach them.

If you are worried about feeling sick because your stomach is empty when you go out, it is a good idea to always have candy or caramels in your pocket.

Some women who have morning sickness carry around a snack-type (like rice crackers, chips instead of sweet snacks) In many cases, it seems to change into an obsession that differs from the usual preferences.

It may be a case of “eating morning sickness,” in which a person becomes abnormally attached to a certain food and cannot stand it and eats only that.

There’s a story a long time ago, when an old lady, who is over 80 years old, was a pregnant woman, she was poor and had a hard time, but she wanted to eat peaches so badly that she couldn’t resist buying and eating them behind her family’s back.

Like this, you may have an obsession to one specific food during pregnancy. Of course, even if you don’t have to endure it, you must be careful not to gain weight or consume too much sugar. 

You are also prone to tooth decay during pregnancy, so if you are constantly putting candy or caramels in your mouth, you should also pay close attention to oral care.

Reference examples of practical measures against morning sickness (mental and physical refreshment)

A new life is being born inside your body, and the womb is a mysterious place where great work is being done. It gets bigger and heavier, and you may feel pain or ache somewhere in your body.

Morning sickness symptoms can be alleviated by light exercise and a change of mood. Refresh your mind and body with easy stretching exercises.

Taking a walk or walking in the water to move your legs is very effective and helps control swelling caused by pregnancy, making you less susceptible to addiction.

If you stay inactive, it is possible that you will not go into labor even on your due date, so it is a good idea to keep light exercise in mind.

You can also try carefully cleaning your room to welcome your baby, which will also get your body moving, make you feel refreshed and refreshed.

Even if it is heavy, painful, and uncomfortable, try to do as much as you can, little by little, without straining yourself. Try to find measures to make it easier for yourself in various ways.

When it is really hard and painful, you don’t have to do anything. Please take it easy and spend your time calmly and peacefully.


You’ve heard that the pain of childbirth is something you forget after birth. Morning sickness is the same way, it was killing you, but when it passes, you can forget about it. Many women suffered so much, and now they are fine. Don’t worry! You will get through it! 

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