What are The Measures to Prevent Miscarriage in The Early Pregnancy?

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Many pregnant women in the early pregnancy are most concerned about miscarriage. It’s normal that you want to protect the precious life you ​​have received.

The reason that miscarriage occurs during the early pregnancy is because of the abnormal growth of the fetus. Therefore, there is no perfect prevention. However, there are things that you can do daily to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

This article will introduce the measures to prevent miscarriage in the early pregnancy.

Many of you Worry about Having Miscarriage

The most thing that pregnant women don’t want to have is miscarriage. You, too, right? And you may think that there are some measures to prevent from having miscarriage or not…? If you want to avoid it, keep reading.

What if you don’t Follow the Measures?

If you don’t follow the measures to prevent miscarriage, of course, the risk of having miscarriage may increase, compared to when you follow them. Also, you need the right information in the world where there are too much information.

If you are not sure, you can always ask your doctor.

What to do to Prevent Miscarriage

Then, what should you do exactly to prevent miscarriage? There are some measures here, so follow them.

Stop smoking and drinking

Alcohol can reach the fetus directly through the placenta. Smoking also leads to fetal oxygen deficiency. And both cause miscarriages and birth defects. You must make an effort to stop these bad habits as soon as possible.

If you are suffering from stress due to morning sickness and feel like drinking or smoking, think first about your baby and improve your life.

Be aware of infection prevention

During pregnancy, your immune system may decrease, and your hormone balance may be disturbed which easily leads to infection. It is important to be careful not only for the sake of your baby but for your own as well, so you can avoid infection.

Infections that you particularly need to be aware of during pregnancy include “rubella”, “measles” and ” chickenpox.” These infections are dangerous diseases that increase the risk of premature birth, miscarriage and birth defects. So how should you avoid these?

Infection can be prevented by vaccination. However, you can’t get vaccinated during pregnancy. It is preferable to get it before you get pregnant. If you’re worried about contagious diseases, then avoid crowds or going out unless necessary. You may also want to make a habit of wearing a mask to protect yourself.

Also, if you have a pet, be careful about toxoplasma infections. Even if you get infected, most people have no symptoms, but approximately 10% of people may have birth defects. We can prevent it by putting on gloves when you clean cat’s mess and not eating raw meat.

Choose over-the-counter drugs carefully

If you have to take medicine in the early pregnancy, consult your doctor or gynecologist first. Early pregnancy is a crucial time when important organs such as the heart and brain are created. Taking medicine may cause morphological abnormalities.

If you suffer from colds, headache, fever, or constipation – it is said that taking analgesics or magnesium agents for constipation that contain acetaminophen and ibuprofen that can be bought over-the-counter have no major impact. However, it is better to be sure.

So follow the dosage. Sometimes, pregnant women who are working find it convenient to rely on medicine. However, avoid taking it at your own discretion and ask doctor’s advice.


In the early pregnancy, take a well-balanced diet and do light exercises after meals to stay healthy to avoid negative effects on the fetus. It is also important to relax and recover from stress regularly. Do not overwork yourself.

Be aware of these things and enjoy your maternity life as much as you can in order to deliver your baby safely. He/she is waiting to meet a happy and enthusiastic mom.

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