What Are the Effects of Stress During Pregnancy on the Fetus? Causes and Advice on How to Relieve It: Part 2

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In the previous article, we explained that it is normal to feel stressed during pregnancy. And while there are differences in the way both pregnant women who work and those who are housewives feel stressed, everyone seems to feel anxious and stressed in some way.

In this article, we will give you some advice on how to deal with stress during pregnancy and how to relieve it.

How to Deal with Stress During Pregnancy

Even though it is inevitable that you will feel stressed during pregnancy, you want to welcome your baby with a sense of calm if possible. If you have an older child, it is possible that emotional development could be affected if the mother is constantly stressed and irritable.

Although it is impossible to completely prevent stress caused by hormonal imbalance or physical illness during pregnancy, it is possible to reduce the chances of feeling stressed by eliminating some of the causes that contribute to stress.

It is important for pregnant women who are working not to “overthink”.

When you are working, it is easy to not only have anxiety about pregnancy and childbirth, but also work-related stress such as anxiety about returning to work. The more honest and responsible you are, the more work-related stress you are likely to experience.

Of course, it is important that you do not want to burden your workplace with your pregnancy and childbirth and prepare for that. However, trying to do everything perfectly can lead to a great deal of stress.

Many women are worried about life after maternity leave, but it is not a good idea to start thinking about it too much during pregnancy. It is true that balancing work and childcare after maternity leave is difficult. However, once both the mother and the baby get used to the environment, it is surprisingly manageable.

Don’t think too much about the rest of your life while you are pregnant, but think about giving birth safely first while creating an environment where you can balance work and childcare with your partner and family.

Pregnant women who are housewives should try to “go out”.

Pregnant women who are housewives tend to be more anxious about their health and the baby’s condition during pregnancy and childbirth than pregnant women who are still working. This is probably because they spend more time thinking about pregnancy and childbirth.

In today’s nuclear family, there are many people who have no one around them to talk to. Spending time in such an environment makes it easier for them to feel stressed because they are unable to resolve their various anxieties.

It is also a good idea to get away from pregnancy and childbirth by going shopping on days when you are feeling well. You tend to stay indoors during pregnancy, but it is recommended that you go out once in a while for a change of scenery.

Beware of Excessive Irritability and Depression.

If you are experiencing excessive irritability and depression, you may be suffering from a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. These illnesses are said to be more prominent in 7-20% of pregnancies.

Of course, it is natural to be stressed during pregnancy, so there is no need to worry too much about a few things. However, when you are in a stressful situation, it is often difficult for you to determine whether the stress you are under is a “little” or whether it is enough to cause your own illness or have a negative impact on the baby.

It is not possible to draw a clear line between the effects of stress and the danger of crossing this line, but if you are concerned about the effects of stress, please do not hesitate to consult with your obstetrician or gynecologist.


Depending on your situation, the causes of anxiety or stress may vary. Therefore, you need to find some ways to relieve it and always talk with your partner. Just don’t hold it by yourself. 

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