What Are the Characteristics of Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy?


“Vaginal discharge” is one of the symptoms in the very early pregnancy and it plays an important role in informing the body of symptoms such as before menstruation starts. However, how can you know if you get pregnant or you just have menstruation by vaginal discharge?

In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of vaginal discharge when menstruation starts, during normal days, and in the very early pregnancy.

What is the role of the vaginal discharge when menstruation starts?

Vaginal discharge tends to increase in volume one week before menstruation. It’s kind of bothersome, however it has an important role in keeping a woman’s body healthy. In order to protect the inside of the vagina from bacterial growth, the amount and viscosity change to keep it clean, and during the ovulation period, it helps to wrap the sperm and deliver it smoothly to the egg.

Vaginal discharge sends various signs to us by increasing or decreasing the amount and changing the color and smell due to the effects of female hormones. When your menstruation starts, it changes in color and consistency. Discharge that appears before a period is usually white. However, if a certain type of discharge recurs throughout the month, you may need to consult a doctor.

What are the characteristics of vaginal discharge in normal days?

The amount of vaginal discharge increases or decreases by the secretion of female hormones. The usual color is colorless and transparent, and sometimes milky white with a little turbidity. It takes about a week before menstruation to change to sticky vaginal discharge.

 The inside of the vagina is kept slightly acidic and may smell slightly sour even under normal conditions. Vaginal discharge is weakly alkaline and balanced to allow sperm to live longer in the acidic vagina. This “balance of weak acidity and weak alkalinity” protects the inside of the vagina from bacterial growth.

In a weakly acidic vagina, it kills invaders from the outside, such as sperm, however vaginal discharge is weakly alkaline and neutralizes the weakly acidic vagina for a short period of time to keep sperm easily penetrated.

What are the characteristics of vaginal discharge in the very early pregnancy?

Normally, the process is from the second week of pregnancy on the scheduled ovulation day to the third week from implantation, and the fourth week on the scheduled menstruation day. However, from around the third week of pregnancy, it seems that many people notice changes in the body due to the very early pregnancy symptoms.

Vaginal discharge changes after implantation, and the vaginal discharge that is usually sticky also often becomes smooth, and it is said that blood is mixed and it becomes brown or pink with implantation hemorrhage We will introduce details of vaginal discharge that you need to be caution in the next article.

Vaginal discharge that changes with the menstrual cycle

Vaginal discharge is closely related to female hormones. Although it is easily affected by changes in physical condition, it changes greatly mainly during the menstrual cycle. The following items are just an average guideline but knowing the changes in your body can lead to the discovery of pregnancy and early detection of physical abnormalities and diseases.

  • After menstruation, it is smooth and has a small amount
  • Before ovulation, high viscosity and transparent color for about one week to receive sperm
  • After ovulation, the amount decreases and becomes white and turbidity
  • It becomes watery during pregnancy due to the high secretion of female hormones

Vaginal discharge that tells you about your menstruation

The general status of vaginal discharge is as follows. Menstrual blood seems to be mixed before menstruation, and bacteria increase easily due to the increase in volume, and the smell tends to be strong. Therefore, frequently change underwear or use a vaginal sheet to spend the day comfortably.

  • The smell becomes stronger about one week before menstruation
  • Viscosity increases and amount is large before the scheduled period
  •  Colors become darker and yellowish when exposed to oxygen


Vaginal discharge has an important role in every period of menstruation and tells you about your body’s condition. Therefore, you may notice when you get pregnant as well. In the next article, we will introduce the details of the characteristics of vaginal discharge in the very early pregnancy. Keep reading!

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