What are The Causes of Morning Sickness?


The previous article introduced how long morning sickness lasts, which might make you wonder, ”Why does morning sickness happen?” or “What are the causes?”

Knowing the causes of morning sickness helps you cope with it better. In this article, we will talk about some points to consider when you experience morning sickness.

What are causes of morning sickness?

The theory that the body of a pregnant woman can’t tolerate the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) that is secreted when pregnant, is the most likely cause of morning sickness. It is said that the highest amount of hCG hormone secretion happens around 3 months of pregnancy, which is the peak of morning sickness.

In addition to this, there is also a theory that the body or pregnant women thinks a baby as a foreign body and causes a rejection reaction. Yet another states that it is due to mental anxiety.

If the baby’s gender is a girl, am I more likely to have morning sickness?

Have you ever heard of gender-related rumors such as, eating a lot of meat is an indication of carrying a boy, and having difficult morning sickness is a sign of a baby girl.

However, there seems to be no medical basis.

Although the credibility is low, the feeling can be eased by imagining the baby’s gender during periods of bad morning sickness. Since the gender can’t be determined in early pregnancy, it is better to divert oneself by imagining your baby’s gender as a form of stress release.

You may hear many rumors about pregnancy, however don’t take them seriously since most of them may not be true.

Vomiting is hard! How do you cope with morning sickness?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for morning sickness. However, there are several ways to alleviate the discomfort and pain of vomiting. Try to identify the measures that work for you.

Get to know your morning sickness triggers

The most important thing about morning sickness measures is to understand your own triggers. It’s good to figure out what you can’t eat when morning sickness gets bad. If you inform your family about your tendency to become nauseous due to specific causes, you can get the proper support.

Have a comfortable environment when you vomit

If you are anxious because you’re scared to vomit, or that you might vomit suddenly, you may feel worse.

Accept the fact that morning sickness is a natural part of your early pregnancy experience, and that it is not a bad thing because in the early pregnancy it is said to have little impact on your baby even if you can’t take nutrition well.

So situate yourself in an environment that can make it easy for you to manage morning sickness. If you can’t throw up in the bathroom, it is recommended to always have a plastic bag ready.

Eat the food you can eat little by little

Morning sickness might make you worry about not getting enough nutrition to your baby. However, you don’t need to eat if you really can’t. As we have mentioned above, it is said that even if you can’t get nutrition during the morning sickness, it will not greatly affect your baby. Find foods that you can eat and try to take it a little at a time.

However, if you become dehydrated, morning sickness may get worse. Frequent intake of water f is important as a countermeasure against dehydration.

Wear mask to measure odors

During morning sickness, a pregnant women tends to be sensitive to odors. Even some smells that you loved before you got pregnant can make you nauseous. Put on a mask as a countermeasure against odors. It is also recommended to change shampoos and body soaps to non-scented ones.

Release stress

If you are often stressed out, morning sickness may get worse. During the difficult days of morning sickness, you may feel isolated in your experience. However, many pregnant women have gone, and are going through the same thing. Listen to other pregnant women’s morning sickness stories to change your mood and mindset.


There are some theories that explain why you get morning sickness without concrete medical explanation Morning sickness varies between pregnant women, and you need to know your own triggers in order to cope with it. Try to figure out what you can or can’t eat to make yourself comfortable.

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