What Are The Causes of Backache Before or During Menstruation? How Do You Treat It?

backache during menstruation

Backache is a problem for many women especially before and during menstruation. Pregnant women also suffer from it. However, pregnancy and the reproductive cycle is a natural biological phenomenon for women. It is something we must learn to deal with.

In this article, we will explain the causes of backache during menstruation and PMS. Let’s learn how to treat the pain.

Do you Often have Backache before/during Menstruation?

It is very common among women to have backache before/during menstruation. However, if it’s bad backache, you may not feel like even working right? There are some causes that you may get backache. Keep reading.

Causes of Backache before/during Menstruation

So, why do you get backache before/during menstruation? If you know the causes, you may be able to ease it from next time.

Hormone balance changes

Women may experience various discomfort before menstruation. These are mostly caused by the changes in hormone balance.

A typical example of a hormone that influences PMS is a hormone called prostaglandin. Prostaglandin has the role of stimulating uterine movement and pushing out menstrual blood. However, no matter how necessary its function, it can also cause pain. If a lot of prostaglandins are produced, the hormonal balance will be disturbed, which will increase the movement of the uterus and worsen the pain in your body.

Cold temperature worsens menstrual pain

When your body is cold, it can also cause problems. The blood vessels shrink and the circulation of blood in the body is hampered. As a result, the prostaglandins are unable to fulfill their function. The blood flow gets stuck in the pelvis causing back and abdominal pain.

This is very important thing to know. During menstruation, please keep your body warm.


Some may think that stress is not related to menstruation pain. However, stress is actually one of its main causes. Whenever your body or mind get stressed, the autonomic nerves that control various body regulation functions are disturbed. If the autonomic nerves are disturbed, the blood circulation gets bad, or hormonal balance breaks down. This may trigger the pain even more. Bad stress – the kind that causes damage to the mind and body regardless of gender, significantly affects women during PMS or menstruation.

How to treat backache before/during menstruation

Then, what should you do not to get backache during menstruation? Keep reading and try these tips.

Keep your body warm

As we have mentioned above, cold temperature can worsen back pain during PMS and menstruation. Keeping your body warm improves blood circulation, warms the internal organs, and improves backache.

In the summer, shocking the body by drinking a cold drink all in one go will cause the internal organs to get cold rapidly. Then, it becomes a cause of bad blood circulation, and the pain during menstruation tends to get worse. During PMS or menstruation, your body can get sensitive to cold which can cause severe pain. Therefore, try to stay warm and eat room temperature foods and drinks. It is also effective to take a full relaxing bath, not just a cold shower.

In some countries, when the temperature gets cold it is recommended to wear warm clothes, room socks, etc. These days, cute and warm room wear are being sold. Try to have these staples ready to maintain your body temperature.

In addition to the tips above, you can also warm your body with a satisfying meal. Ginger and chili peppers are especially recommended. Also, seasonal vegetables in winter and root vegetables are effective for backache. If you are planning to get pregnant, keeping your body warm is also very important to increase your chances of pregnancy. Avoid letting your body get cold, to create a perfect environment for your baby.


Stress recovery is essential for the body and the mind. Make sure to set aside enough time to gather your thoughts and rest your body regularly. Do not wait for your body to break down with fatigue, or your mind to burn out.

Getting a massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve yourself from stress, especially when done with your partner.

Relax with music

Many people play their smartphones until they fall asleep when they get into bed at night. However, before you completely retire, it is wise put your smartphone aside to stretch. Relieve tension by circulating blood around the shoulders, neck, and hips.

Adjust body misalignment

The pelvis is located in the center of the body, and misalignment of the pelvis can cause all kinds of malfunctions. Since the uterus is also protected by the pelvis, when the pelvis is misaligned, the uterus and ovaries are compressed, often causing severe pain. Be aware that it is important to correct the misalignment not only in the pelvic area, but also the rest of the body, such as around shoulders, in order to reduce menstrual pain.

You may feel some limitations by doing your own stretches. Therefore, if you often experience backache, see chiropractic clinic or other professionals for advise on the best kinds of exercise.

Take medication

If all else fails and you continue to suffer severe back pain, it’s better to alleviate the ache by taking a pain killer. Some people may think that once they start taking medicine for pain, they will develop a dependence. However, there is actually very little possibility that you’ll get addicted.

A good time to take a pain killer is before the it happens, especially for those who regularly have pain before or during menstruation. There are many different kinds of pain relievers and the effect varies between on individuals. Therefore, you will have to figure out which one works best for you.


Backache may cause discomfort for pregnant and menstruating women. Therefore, be aware of its causes in order to avoid them and handle the situation efficiently so that it does not affect daily life.

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