What Are The Best Maternity Shoot Poses?

Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it is only normal to remember it through photographs. If you have a hard time deciding how to pose, we got you covered. However, there are two categories: solo maternity shoots and couple maternity shoots. This article aims to introduce what are the best maternity shoot poses.

Mom-Only Shoots

The majority of maternity shoot sessions are mom-only shoots, therefore you need to have a strong sense of posture! In order to properly pose for maternity shoots, expectant mothers, keep in mind the following:

  • Location
  • Wardrobe
  • Poses
  • Angle


Find places for photography that don’t involve a lot of walking. Consider a close outdoor maternity setting in the warmer months, or an inside place for winter pregnancy photos, as it is safer for everyone if the shooting location is accessible.

Select a fantastic setting that best reflects your client’s personality so they will be enthusiastic about the session!


Some women experience significant discomfort when carrying a child. So they look and feel their best in their pregnancy photos, assisting them in selecting a stunning dress! Think about stocking a client closet with stunning one-size-fits-all dresses. Alternatively, you could create a client guide (or Pinterest board) with links to your preferred shoppable looks!


Each expectant mother should visit with the photographer before the session so she can see and try on the gowns. They must offer a wide range of dress designs, colors, and sizes. After meeting with the wardrobe options, every woman feels at peace; she no longer has to worry about what to dress!


A pregnant woman may find it challenging to strike some poses. Ensure that your postures take into consideration any physical difficulties your pregnant client may be experiencing. Poses for maternity picture shoots can be broadly divided into two groups:

  • Standing poses
  • Standing positions

Then, everything revolves around

  • where their hands are placed
  • the way they behave when wearing their robe
  • face expressions that are natural


Gorgeous pregnant bodies! Of course, you already know that, which is why you’re providing maternity photos.

However, there are less attractive ways to picture pregnancy. Make sure your customer likes how she looks in her photos by using the following techniques:

  • Avoid straight-on shooting

This perspective may make your client appear large rather than expected. While big bodies can also be attractive, that is not the goal of a maternity shoot! You want to emphasize that your client is pregnant while also making the tummy look good.

The majority of pregnant women already have some degree of body consciousness, so careful maternity posing is essential. Remind them of the reason they are taking these pictures and make sure they feel at ease in front of the camera. They are about to embark on an amazing trip.

  • Take the shot from the side

A side view is a lovely perspective that aids in highlighting a lovely baby belly. In order to capture the organic bond between parent and kid, ask your client to hold her growing baby in her tummy for a few pictures.

Your client’s frame may become stretched and distorted by wide-angle lenses. Instead, pick a long lens to get the most accurate representation of this historic occasion. Longer lenses for full-frame cameras include those that are 85mm, 100mm, 200mm, and higher.

  • Try bending your arms and legs

Help your customer do the following to provide the impression of movement:

  • the knee closest to your camera should be gently bent
  • lifting their skirt will cause their elbows to flex naturally
  • for a smooth curve of the arm and wrist, they should tuck their hair behind their ears.

Couple Shoots   

If your future parent is dating someone, they might want to include a few pictures of the two (or three!) of them. Ask your customer how many images they would prefer to have with their spouse as opposed to just them if this is the case in advance. Here are some techniques to show off a very alluring couple photoshoot:

One of the best things about photographing couples is that they aren’t the only ones that experience posing anxiety. They can direct their attention on one another for some genuinely intimate moments rather than allowing themselves to become worked up and anxious.

Although casual walking stances are lovely, front-on photos should be avoided, right? Instead, take pictures from the side and tell your pregnant client to step in front of their partner, as Kaytlin Lane did in the photo of her above. Your client can safely dip and whirl for a lovely series of shots with the steadying assistance of a partner.

Some couples experience unanticipated stress during pregnancy. Make the most of their photo shoot to encourage them to reconnection and let go of their concerns.

Try these connecting moments:

  • mom’s belly with dad’s hand.
  • forehead-to-forehead
  • sitting and cuddling


Set up a side-view pregnancy shot with the family members walking one after the other. If you’re shooting outdoors in a roomy area, wander around to achieve this pose in various positions. All your clients have to do is grin, laugh, and enjoy themselves!