What are the Awards for Belta Folic Acid?

Belta Belta Folic Acid

Do you ever wonder why Belta Folic Acid is constantly preferred by moms, referred to moms, and popular among moms? Well, as the famous saying goes: to see is to believe! Belta Folic Acid had proven its worth and capabilities throughout the years. Not only does it gather sentimental reviews, heartwarming testimonies, and tearjerking miracles, but it also is scientifically natural and technologically recognized.

Awards of Belta Folic Acid

This article aims to showcase the awards garnered by Belta Folic Acid, given and chosen by famous and renowned institutions and awarding, which constantly serves as concrete proof of the manufactured brand’s capacity as a beauty and health product.

Pavone Premium Quality Awards

A competition called the Pavone Premium Quality Awards rates goods using the Japanese aesthetic sensibility. In 2017, Gold was awarded to Belta Folic Acid, and in 2018, another Silver was received.

Monde Premium Quality Awards

Founded in 1961, the Monde Selection is an annual non-competitive award available to food, beverage, and cosmetics goods. The International Institute for Quality Selections, a for-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium, manages it. Belta Folic Acid won a Silver award each year from 2017 through 2019.


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