What Are The Causes of Long Menstruation?

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Excessive menstruation, which may not seem to end, can have various causes other than uterine diseases. As we have explained in the previous article, if you have menstruation for more than 8 days, it’s better to see your doctor. This article will introduce that the causes of long menstruation and how to treat it.

Having Long Menstruation is Not a Good Sign

The normal menstruation is 5-8 days for most women. However, if you have long menstruation more than 8 days, that means that something may be wrong with your body.

If you leave it as it is without seeing your doctor, you may not be able to get pregnant in the future. Therefore, when you see abnormal thing, take an action for your baby and your future.

Especially, if you are young woman, you may leave it without caring so much. However, it’s better to get treatment as soon as possible.

Causes of Long Menstruation

Then, why do some people have long menstruation? Is there any cause? Let’s check them out.

Disorder of hormonal balance

If you feel excessive stress for some reasons, your menstrual cycle may be disrupted. This is because when the brain is stressed, it slows down and it may affect the secretion of female hormones.

Other than stress, if female hormones is unbalanced, menstruation may be prolonged or may not end. Menstruation during puberty that has just begun, or menopause, is also considered to be a time when the hormonal balance is unstable, and the menstruation may be prolonged.

Taking pills

Some women start taking medium-dose pills to improve their menstrual cycle or to treat anovulation. Medium-dose pills contain both luteinizing and follicular hormones, and when you start taking it, your body’s hormone balance changes.

The menstrual cycle may be disturbed due to the effects of the medium dose pill. It is said that it’s easy to lose hormonal balance, especially when you have just begun to take the pill. Also, if you’ve just started it can cause bleeding, which may make you think that you are having menstruation.

Anovulatory menstruation

If ovulation doesn’t occur for some reason, a small amount of bleeding may continue for a long time. This is bleeding that occurs when the endometrium becomes thicker and ovulation doesn’t occur. A small amount of bleeding continues, but you will hardly feel any pain like abdominal pain during menstruation.


Changes in menstrual cycle and hormonal balance until menopause vary depending on individuals. There are different scenarios, such as not having menstruation for a long time while the menstrual cycle becomes longer or shorter, or the menstrual cycle may not change but the amount of bleeding decreases and finally menopause comes.

If menstruation involves a huge amount of bleeding and doesn’t seem to end, you may have uterine diseases. If you feel pain in the abdomen, have an abnormal menstrual cycle, or experiencing an abnormal amount of bleeding, see your doctor right away. Do not assume that it is simply because of menopause.

How to Treat Long Menstruation

If you have long menstruation, what should you do? Here, we will explain some treatments for long menstruation.

Relieve stress

Stress is a natural enemy of irregular menstruation. It’s important to recover from stress as often as possible when you are experiencing long menstruation because of a disturbance in hormone balance. If you have severe abdominal pain, you may feel depressed. However, try to make it as relaxing as possible by listening to your favorite music, etc.

Regular routine

If you have an irregular lifestyle, your menstrual cycle may be disturbed. Review your lifestyle habits such as getting up early and going to bed early, doing exercise, having breakfast properly and paying attention to nutritional balance.


There are various reasons why menstruation is prolonged, or doesn’t end. The situation is different for each person. It may happen because you have started on a medication, about to have menopause, and so on. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to pay attention to how many days your menstruation lasts and the amount of bleeding.

If you feel an abnormality on your menstruation cycle, see your doctor immediately. It may be caused by disease that need to get treated before it’s too late. Your body condition is also reflected on menstruation. Therefore, check and listen to your body well.

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