Ways To Stimulate Your Baby’s Brain Development Before Birth

Fertility and Pregnancy

Babies in the stomach are said to be able to understand the situation outside the womb as organs such as the brain and ears are formed. Also, because the baby connects with the mother through the placenta, he/she seems to feel the mom’s feelings directly.

Therefore, this article will talk about how to stimulate your baby’s senses that are developing inside the womb.

When should you start?

The baby’s ear function is said to develop around 5-7 months. Those days when morning sickness has calmed down, it is often considered to be a suitable time to begin prenatal activities, as you enter a stable period and spend your time with a calm disposition.

Although there may be opinions that it is better to start earlier because the brain has developed since about 3 months. However, there are no rules in pregnancy, so it is recommended that you start at a reasonable time while taking into consideration your physical condition.

What should I do?

When you talk about “pregnancy”, you tend feel like you have to do something very special, but the important thing is the “communication between the mother and the baby”. You can do the following simple things.

Listen to music

When you can relax comfortably, play music that makes you feel calm, such as classical music and relaxation music. Some moms sing lullabies and listen to English CDs.

Read aloud from a picture book

Read a picture book that you would like to read to your baby when he/she is born. It would be nice to describe the illustration. Mama’s voice echoes better within the body than outside, so it reaches the baby easily.

Kick Game

When you begin to feel fetal movement, lightly hit or tap the area where the baby kicked lightly from above your stomach. If you talk and repeat words like “kick,” or “ping,” communication will be deepened between you and your baby.

Dad’s voice calling

Talk to your baby about daddy. There is also a theory that baby will be reminded of Daddy and his voice after being born.

Apart from these simple communication activities, repeat greetings such as “good morning” and “good night” to your baby. Do light exercise such as maternity yoga, talk about the scenery on your strolls, and tell your baby about the fun things that you would like for him or her to experience.

What matters prenatally is mama is relaxed

There are many mothers who consider early brain education, but the most important thing is to make sure that mama is relaxed and happy which transmits blood flow and hormonal balance to the baby in the womb.

Especially during pregnancy, the ups and downs of the mood tend to be intense due to the disorder of hormonal balance and change of physical condition. So let’s realize and understand to let mothers spend time on prenatal care. It is smart to take the mother’s physical condition and disposition into account for the sake of the baby.

Pregnancy is a period when the functions of human beings are triggered to prepare for birth.

Although it has been said that there is no scientific basis, it is not surprising for mothers to want to do things for a baby who is still in the tummy, or stimulate the baby’s senses through communication by instinct.


Some have talked about prenatal communication activities as having beneficial effects such as developing a child rich with emotion and understanding, and cries very little after birth. Although it has not been proven to be true, there is a possibility that mother’s love will be transmitted through prenatal care, and that mothers themselves develop their relationship with their child, which will have a positive effect on child rearing after childbirth.

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