Valentine Couple With A Valentine Baby: Here Are Some Tips!

After becoming a parent, a lot of things in life are not exactly the same.

This is quite normal, of course, as your priorities and focus shift when you have a young child (or several!) to take care of. Items that were once very significant might not be so important anymore, and how you celebrate holidays will also have altered as a result of taking care of your new baby.

Now, do you wonder what happens to a valentine’s couple (first-timer) with a valentine’s baby? You may be restricted to do some form of loving because of a child so we’re here to give you some tips!

Dealing With Your Child

At this time of year, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, when you have a baby, it’s not as easy to head out on a romantic night on the town, all dressed up, having drinks and a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant with your partner.

You can still have a romantic Valentine’s Day with a baby in tow, though – you just need to think a bit differently and be a little bit more flexible.

Here is what you have to do:

Make Plans Ahead Of Time

Making preparations in advance guarantees that you and your Valentine can sneak away to do something special. Surprises may be fun, but when you’re a parent with a busy schedule, planning ahead is the best option. Ask your spouse to set aside some time for the enjoyable things you and your partner rarely get to do together. In order to go for a stroll or have a picnic, try taking the day off or taking a longer lunch break.

Your main objective is to escape the craziness of motherhood in whatever manner you can, even if it’s just for an hour. Your attempts to get your spouse alone and spend time with them alone will probably be appreciated by them.

It’s also enjoyable to have something to look forward to. Even though it may be more difficult to get daycare these days, taking a break might be as easy as sitting down to a lovely lunch with your partner or curling up on the sofa to watch a movie once the baby is in bed.

Rekindle Your Romance

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to put your relationship back in the spotlight. Unlike what modern marketing would have us believe, Valentine’s Day is not all about heartfelt cards and expensive presents.

While a dozen flowers, a box of chocolates, and a lavish meal out are all wonderful ways to demonstrate your love for your sweetheart, consider alternative, more straightforward gestures that you may make, perhaps closer to home.

When you’re used to diapers, bottles, mountains of laundry, and dirty dishes, a tidy bedroom with a made bed, some candles, and gentle music is really lovely. Uncork the wine and pull out the wedding china once the baby has gone to bed for the night (or for a few hours).

Unleash your Creativity

You’ve been giving your new baby everything, but Valentine’s Day is the time when couples should reciprocate. But instead of worrying about finding the ideal store-bought present, try DIY and make your lover something special.

Here are some innovative suggestions from professionals to get you started (depending on your partner’s love languages):

Offer time as a gift. Choose activities that your spouse enjoys but hasn’t had an opportunity to do in a while. Give your spouse the freedom to go for a workout, get up with friends, or visit the park with a book in hand by hiring a babysitter or watching the child yourself for a few hours.

Relax your partner’s muscles. Parenthood is demanding, so do your best to support your loved one in relaxing. A handcrafted coupon book for back massages or even just the chance to take a bubble bath or relax on the couch while you prepare supper is sure to be appreciated.

Make love letters. Start the evening with a Valentine’s Day card tucked under your partner’s pillow to create a romantic atmosphere. Add to it by slipping more love notes inside your gym bag, briefcase, coat pocket, etc. Send your spouse brief messages or emails throughout the day to reiterate your appreciation for them.

Let your spouse sleep in. A fatigued new parent might benefit much from the additional sleep and be revitalized.
Share memorable experiences. If you choose to give your lover a gift. Use a family photo or a memento of the baby’s hand or footprint to commemorate the occasion.

Planning For A Second Baby?

Well, if you plan to have a second baby, let’s get steamy! Here are romantic and very sensual sexual positions that may help you keep the burning passion of your love during valentine’s!


During spooning, two or more individuals cuddle up next to one another while maintaining a consistent angle of gaze. The front of one person is pressed up against the other’s back. Any comfortable posture for the arms and legs is acceptable.

Some people encircle their significant other with their arms. The legs may be joined together or stacked. But with this kind of snuggling, height, gender, and body form don’t matter; the person inside is called the “small spoon” and the one on the outside is called the “big spoon.” Either the huge spoon or the tiny spoon maybe you. Couples that sleep like this may alter positions during the night.

Moon In Window

A position when your lover lies sideways, snuggles up, and penetrates from behind you. It was given that name after intercourse that was had while gazing out the window at the moon.

One of the most loving postures is a sort of side position. You may insert it with ease by slightly opening your legs. With his free hands, your spouse gently strokes your breast and clitoris while whispering loving words into your ears.


Your face is placed on your partner’s back and cunnilingus. This position is also present during cunnilingus, not during insertion. It’s known as “facesitting.”

By regulating your breathing while you rise and drop your hips, you not only get your hands on it but also feel in control.

Disturbed Botan

A straddle is when a woman sits on the knees of a guy who is already sitting and spreads her legs wide.

In terms of posture, you are back-sitting with your legs wide spread so that you may straddle your man’s leg. Have your boyfriend murmur in your ear or caress your clitoris and chest from behind.


One of your legs is now resting on the back of your partner, who is laying on his back. The other leg is a posture in which you extend your legs wide and insert it from above so that it contacts the side of the left thigh of the guy. First of all, it’s a posture that only a lady with strong leg-opening skills can hold.

Women should lay their hands on the floor since it is difficult to balance when the legs are spread widely. You may make a man feel really erotic if you stimulate his clitoris yourself.

Summing It All Up

As a valentine couple, there are so many ways to celebrate. Wheter you want to reinvent the romance you two have when you were still a couple with no child or perhaps add another child, do what you must. Just keep the love alive and burning and constantly be passionate about each other!