To the Mothers Who Get Frustrated When Their Babies Don’t Sleep


Babies with cute, angelic smiles and gestures that make you smile and laugh make everyone around them smile and laugh. If it’s your own child, it’s even more adorable.

However, babies do not only make you smile, they are also not easy to deal with. The joy of having a baby is short-lived, but many mothers are soon faced with many problems.

They can’t stop crying, they don’t know what they are complaining about, they don’t eat properly…there are so many problems.

In this article, we will introduce some of the ways to deal with a baby who won’t sleep, which can greatly reduce your sleep time and energy. We hope you will try to implement these measures so that you can relax a little in the midst of raising a difficult child.

Keep track of your baby’s signals

The only way a baby can tell you what is going on is to cry. If you are a new mother, this can be even more distressing. Even though it is said that “crying is a baby’s job,” crying all the time can be exhausting, even for a cute baby.

Therefore, it is important to know the general reasons for crying so that you can deal with it as quickly and accurately as possible. The reasons why babies cry change with age, from 0 to 1 year old.

From birth to three months, babies often cry because they are hungry, their diapers are dirty, they are hot or cold, etc. After three months, babies cry to express their feelings of loneliness or sleepiness in addition to the above reasons.

After that, they will be able to recognize their own mother and father, people they come in contact with often, and people they don’t know. As a result, many children become shy and cry when they come into contact with strangers or people they don’t usually meet.

As they grow up, their emotional expressions become more and more complex, and it’s hard to understand.

Also, the main part of this issue…the night crying that baby does not sleep at night, also starts around this time. As the days go by, your fatigue accumulates, and you want to do something about it before you are burnt out.

 Why doesn’t my baby sleep?

They are supposed to be getting sleepy by now, but they won’t go to sleep. They cry all the time because they can’t sleep, which makes it hard for the mother to sleep, and may even get you a compliment from the neighbors.

Here are some of the reasons why babies don’t sleep well in the first place.

If they are constipated, if your baby’s diaper is dirty with pee or poop, or if they feel uncomfortable because your baby doesn’t burp after feeding.

They may be feeling unwell, the room temperature may be uncomfortable, they may be in the mood for pampering, they may be lonely, or they may be excited by some stimulus. Babies are very sensitive, and the slightest thing can make it difficult for them to sleep.

The first thing to do is to check their diapers and make them burp after feeding.

Even if you are very careful, there are things you may have overlooked or things that may not be suitable for your baby. Check the room’s room temperature, humidity, brightness, and loud noises.

It is important to adjust the environment around your baby.

It is also important to listen for unusual crying patterns when the baby is sick. However, an exhausted mother will also become frustrated if her child does not sleep well.

When this happens, try to take measures before your frustration explodes.

Even if you try not to get frustrated with a child who won’t sleep before you explode with frustration, there are times when you can’t help yourself. In such cases, take measures to help your baby sleep well.

In addition to adjusting the environment around your baby as mentioned earlier, try to bathe your baby at night. To help your baby sleep through the night and into the night, try to keep him or her awake in the evening so as not to tire him or her out too much during the day.

Try to communicate with them by telling them stories or reading them picture books so that they do not feel lonely. Don’t leave the lights on because they are afraid of the dark, but use indirect lighting.

Your baby can tell your frustration, so take these measures to be careful. Of course, don’t forget to give yourself time to rest. As much as possible, try not to keep it all to yourself.


Even though they are cute, raising children is hard work. However, it is important not to give up on the difficulty as a matter of course, but to give you more time to rest even a little.

If you get tired and frustrated, many things will not go well and you will end up spinning out of control more often. To avoid this negative spiral, use countermeasures to have an enjoyable life with your baby.

Your body and mind are also important. Please do not overwork.

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