Tips to Reduce Lower Back Pain Before and During Menstruation

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Many women suffer from lower back pain before and during menstruation. When you feel such, you get tired easily.  However, menstruation is a relevant cycle in a woman’s body. Here are some tips on how to enjoy being a woman despite our menstrual cycle and its underlying symptoms.

How should we deal with lower back pain?

Lower backpain makes you feel so bad and sometimes you can’t move well. Then, what should you do for that?

Take care of your body well 

On a cold day or even in a cold environment, you need to make sure you are dressed suitably for your comfort. If you feel tired during the day and you still stay up late, your body maybe more tired and stressed than you think. 

It is also said that for women need as much rest as they can get after childbirth as it is related to the amount of pain included with menopause a few decades after.

Even if you feel fine now, your body can accumulate stress, surprisingly. Therefore, take care of your body well consciously.

Relax for your mind as well as your body

You should know that the cause of lower back pain before and during menstruation is a change in hormone balance and coldness. You may be pessimistic, thinking that “I can’t help it because of the changes in my body.” But always praise your body to endure the pain and changes that occur every month.

It’s important to keep your body warm, and also by taking care of yourself through a warm shower using your favorite shower cream. Always take time to care for your skin and doing it religiously. Stress can also increase lower back pain before and during menstruation. Your physical and mental health should also be aligned when it comes to being healthy.

Getting to know PMS.

PMS, also known as  “premenstrual syndrome” is a condition that affects a woman’s emotions, physical health, and behavior during certain days of the menstrual cycle, generally just before her mense.

Symptoms may vary depending on  each individual. Many researchers believe that it’s related to a change in both sex hormone and serotonin levels at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Also, it is said that 50-80% of women have PMS symptoms, but only 5-7% of women need to be treated. However, see your doctor if physical pain, mood swings, and other symptoms start to affect your daily life, or if your symptoms don’t go away.

If you have a bad PMS, don’t think that you can handle it. Sometimes you need to have your body checked.

Symptoms of PMS

The symptoms of PMS are usually mild or moderate. Nearly 80 percent of women report one or more symptom that does not substantially affect daily functioning, according to the journal American Family Physician. the symptoms includes, abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, sore breaths, acne, food cravings esp sweets, constipation, fatigue, irritability, anxitey, depression and emotional outburst. 

Lower back pain in the early pregnancy? What is the difference?

Not only many of women suffer from lower back pain, but also even in the early pregnancy, you may have the pain. We will explain lower back pain as a symptom of early pregnancy.

What are the characteristics of lower back pain in the early pregnancy?

In contrast to lower back pain before and during menstruation caused by prostaglandins, low back pain in early pregnancy is caused by a hormone called relaxing. Relaxing has the effect of widening the pelvis of pregnant women who are about to give birth and making it easier for their babies to be born. However, the effect of widening the pelvis often causes back pain.

How to distinguish it from lower back pain before menstruation?

Although the cause of the pain is different, there are individual differences and it will be difficult to determine which pain it is. However, it is said that there is a difference when it begins. Lower back pain before menstruation occurs immediately after ovulation and a few days after menstruation, whereas lower back pain in the early pregnancy often starts around the “schedules menstruation”.

It is difficult to determine that you may be pregnant only when back pain begins. Knowing your basal body temperature, menstrual cycle, and pre-menstrual symptoms on a regular basis can help you understand when your menstruation will begin and when your back pain begins.


Women have menstruation every month for decades. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable and depressing for women who want to get pregnant. However, because the body prepares for pregnancy, hormonal balance changes and menstruation comes. The important thing is to know your body and treat it well.

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