Things You Need to Be Careful when You Have SEX during Very Early Pregnancy.


As we mentioned in the previous article, there is no problem to have sex with your partner during very early pregnancy. However, because you are pregnant, there are things that you need to be careful with when you have sex during very early pregnancy.

This article will introduce the points. Keep reading!

Can you have sex during pregnancy?

You may be worried if you can have sex during pregnancy. To get straight to the point, it’s okay to have sex, however, you have to know what you should be careful for your body and your baby.

Have the right information

Some people say that they can have sex during pregnancy and without condom. However, there are some guidelines that you should follow. If you are worried, keep reading and get the right information.

Things you need to be careful to have sex during pregnancy

From now, we’re going to talk about the things you need to be careful when you have sex during pregnancy. As long as you keep them in your mind, it should be okay.


You need to be careful about the position and time to have sex during the very early pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is better to avoid a position where you feel pressure on the belly regardless of the pregnancy period.

During very early pregnancy, it is recommended that the position such as missionary position (man-on-top) and spooning position are less likely to burden on women’s body. You may feel safe and your partner manly in the missionary position because both of you face each other, but it is not a good position to put a burden on the belly such as positions when you  have to raise the legs high.

Check which position is comfortable for you. And ask your partner honestly.

With spooning positioning, you can perform the act with him hugging or holding  you from behind while lying down. This is a secure position  that does not burden the pregnant woman’s body. This is a position that you can do throughout your pregnancy. 

However, if  you feel pain in this position, or any position for that matter, you have to stop as soon as possible. In addition, having sex for long periods  during pregnancy is not good because the body gets cold. Make sure to keep the duration short.

Use condom when having sex

There are many people who think that they can have sex without a condom during pregnancy because there is no need for contraception. However, that is a misconception. You can’t have sex without condom, and you have to use it especially to prevent the risk of STD even during pregnancy.

Insertion should be shallow when having sex

Having a good time and getting intimate with your partner is important time for your communication as a couple. You want to have it even during pregnancy. However, when you have sex during very early pregnancy, you should minimize the burden on your (the woman’s) body. Refrain from hard sex that involves deep penetration that will burden your pregnant body.

In addition, during pregnancy, the cervical canal is weakened by strong stimulation, and it is easy to feel pain and experience bleeding because of sex. Therefore, insertion should be shallow.When you feel pain, don’t hesitate  to tell your partner.

In case you bleed after sex

During pregnancy, the environment in the vagina changes, and it becomes difficult to get wet.  When you have sex, and you may feel pain or bleeding due to friction. You don’t need to be worried about this pain and bleeding so much, but abnormal vaginal bleeding during pregnancy may be a sign of miscarriage.

If you feel pain on the lower abdomen or have bleeding after sex, it is difficult to judge whether it is a wound due to friction or an abnormal vaginal bleeding, so be sure to see a doctor just in case.

And if you feel pain on the lower abdomen during sex, you have to stop sex and see how the pain goes. Also, when you get wounded or scratched many times due to friction, the risk of getting STD increases . When your vagina doesn’t get wet well during pregnancy, don’t be sad or disappointed as it’s a normal change brought about by your pregnancy.  Open up to your partner and try to use a lubricant.

Be careful of STD

Having sex without condom during pregnancy carries the risk of STD. Women, especially in the very early pregnancy stage are in a state where their hormonal balance has changed and their resistance is weak due to the influence of morning sickness, making you vulnerable to infections. Avoid having sex without a condom during pregnancy, as infections can cause miscarriage and premature birth.


You can have sex during very early pregnancy. However, you have to careful and remember these points to avoid STD or miscarriage. Talk with your partner and have safe sex.

The next article we will talk about dealing with STD.

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