When is the right time to start Fertility Treatments?


The previous article explained that when you should start infertility treatment, specifically depending on your age.

○ If you are under 35 years old, 6 cycles of menstruation (about half a year)

○ If you are over 35 years old, 3 cycles of menstruation (about 3 months)

Many women may think that when they should start infertility treatment with their partner. Therefore, this article will explain that the guidelines to start infertility treatment and some check points.

What are the guidelines for starting pregnancy?

If you want to get pregnant, you can start to take infertility treatment anytime you want. If you want a baby, don’t hesitate to talk with your partner and get infertility treatment if you need.

In general, it is said that the approximate timing of having a diagnosis of infertility at a hospital is around half a year to a year after you want to get pregnant.

Talk with your partner

The first thing to check before starting infertility treatment is “how your partner feels”. Even if you have the feeling that you can take care of your baby by yourself and live with your baby, if your partner doesn’t understand / cooperate during pregnancy or parenting, or he cannot love your baby, it will be really difficult to have a family with kids.

Remember that you will need your partner to raise your baby eventually.

If you have a baby, you will raise your children with your partner. Therefore, be sure to confirm both of your feelings and start getting infertility treatment.

Think about future plans

When you have a baby, your whole life becomes the center of child-rearing. After giving birth, there are a number of points to consider, such as whether you want to stay in house and be housewife or want to return to work, whether you can pay for the expenses of living and tuition for your child, housing, saving and so on.

It ’s better to think and make future plan with your partner on so you don’t get panic easily.

Get knowledge about pregnancy

To get pregnant, you need to have the right knowledge about pregnancy. You can get pregnant without knowledge but of course it’s better to have it.

Having the right knowledge leads to successful pregnancy and safe birth. Having knowledge about pregnancy is important not only for women but also for men. Therefore, share knowledge between you and your partner.

Check when you are likely to become pregnant


The first time you need to check when you start infertility treatment is when it is easy to get pregnant. The lifespan of an egg is not so long, only about 6 to 24 hours after ovulation.

As we mentioned about the timing of ovulation, it is important to know the ovulation cycle and know the timing. In order to know the timing, it is recommended to use a ovulation test or check the timing of ovulation at the gynecology.

 Review your lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a condition that makes it difficult to get pregnant. If you start taking infertility treatment, you should check that there are no problems with your lifestyle. If there are problems such as imbalance in nutrition or excessively short sleep time, it is necessary to improve it.


If you want to get pregnant and start taking infertility treatment, first you should talk with your partner and have right knowledge about pregnancy. You can’t get pregnant just because you want a baby. To make a plan is important to you, your baby and your family.

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