The Road to Marital Happiness: What A Husband Should Do – Part 2


In the previous article, we explained that what you should be aware of when your wife is pregnant. You may not feel as a dad yet, but you will be soon. And you need to know how you can support your wife.

In this article, we will explain part 2 of things a husband should do while his wife is pregnant.

Frequently, communication is the key to marital bliss.


This is true both before and after marriage, but you should communicate with your wife especially frequently during pregnancy. This is especially important during the first childbirth.

Just like you, this is the first time in your wife’s life. The first experience is a mixture of excitement and enjoyment, but we think a large part of it is anxiety.

Your wife is anxious and worried. Many wives take time off work and stay at home during the morning sickness period, so if she is left alone, her anxiety will be even greater. 

You should contact her frequently when you are commuting to work in the morning, when you get the office, during her lunch break, when you leave the office, and when you are on the train going back home.

Your wife trusts you, without a doubt. She relies on you. If she receives as much contact from you as possible in a day, she will feel a little relieved that you are taking care of her.

Mental stability during pregnancy is also an important factor for a happy marriage. 

It may be difficult during the busy work period, but please do not leave your wife alone or feel that it is a bother, but rather, talk to her frequently, even if it is just a short contact.

Do the housework! Go out together sometimes on your days off.

Naturally, a pregnant wife cannot move around freely. Even the slightest bump in the road can feel like a step so painful that she feels it’s taller than usual.

It is not possible to leave the housework to such a wife in full charge, is it? It is better for the you to be ready to do all the housework during (and after) pregnancy.

At least do your things. Pregnant women also need a moderate amount of exercise, but housework is different. Neglecting these chores will cause stress on the wife and put an unnecessary burden on her.

Laundry, cleaning, and cooking (even simple things) – at least three of these chores should be kept in check.

During the morning sickness period, your wife is often only able to eat things like rice porridge, so even the husband can make it easily.

And on your days off, go out together. Even though she cannot move freely, it is stressful for her to stay at home all the time, and she needs a change of pace. There is no need to go far, just a walk around the neighborhood is fine. 

Of course, if your wife has any requests or places she wants to go, you can accommodate her. Sometimes she may feel anxious about going alone during pregnancy, but she may feel more comfortable if her husband is with her.

When you go out, please pay attention to your walking speed, your wife’s luggage, and any changes in her physical condition.

Pregnancy checkups should be attended together as much as possible to note any changes in your wife and child!

Even if you can’t make it to every checkup, try to go with your wife to the checkups as much as possible. If you are unable to do so, please talk to your wife about the checkups and look over the mother-child handbook carefully.

Anything can happen between pregnancy and delivery. Your wife may suddenly pass out and lose consciousness, or she may experience irregular bleeding.

We don’t mean to make you feel anxious, but there will always be problems. At that time, the only person she can count on is you.

How many cycles is she in, how big is your child, what is your wife’s weight, what are the recent changes in your wife diet, etc.?

Knowing these things will help you to deal with problems calmly. It is important to be aware of any changes in your wife.


Here are some of the things you can actually take care of during your wife’s pregnancy. We are sure you will be tole like, “Not enough!!”

However, it is no exaggeration to say that whether or not you can pay attention to these points will affect the relationship between you and your wife. No matter how much preparation you do, it may be inevitable that trouble will occur.

Nevertheless, we would like you to be a dependable husband who supports his wife for a happy maternity life, in order for the couple to spend the pregnancy with a little bit of marital bliss. We hope that this real-life experience will be of some help to your marital happiness.