The Growth and Development of a 3-month-old Baby: Part 2


Babies grow at an amazing speed every day. Especially during the first three months of life, not only will the baby’s body grow, but also his or her motor skills and mind will develop at a remarkable rate. Let’s take a closer look at the specific growth of such a 3-month-old baby.

Three-month-old babies become more expressive

Around the age of three months, babies will be able to recognize their mothers and fathers. Their eyesight has also developed greatly, and they laugh aloud when you bring them close to your face or play with them. Their cute reactions are enough to make many people fall in love with them.

It is also during this period that children not only respond to physiological needs such as I’m hungry, I’m sleepy, I’m cold, and I don’t feel comfortable in my diaper, but they also start to cry because they want their mom or dad to pay attention to them. Many people may notice a different crying style and tone of voice. Let’s enjoy the baby’s changes and smiles as we try to communicate with him or her.

How to play with a 3-month-old baby

Around the age of three months, babies’ motor functions develop dramatically, and the way they play will change as well. While previously their playtime consisted mainly of physical contact with mom and dad, they will now engage in play that involves a variety of movements, such as reaching for and kicking things that interest them. It is also important to give babies time to play alone with toys to promote their physical and mental growth.

On the other hand, since the baby’s mind is also developing rapidly around the age of 3 months, it is pointed out that if communication is lacking at this time, the baby may not be able to build a trusting relationship with his or her parents smoothly in the future. Therefore, it is important not only to let your child play alone but also to play with him or her. Here are some suggestions for play suitable for babies around 3 months of age.


The well-known “Peek-a-boo” is a very popular game for babies, especially around the age of 3 months. It is a highly recommended play, especially for babies around 3 months of age. Babies love to see mom and dad’s happy faces. Smile and make funny faces as much as you can.

Play gym

Play gyms are also a great choice for babies at this age when their eyesight is developing and they are able to distinguish colors. Play gyms are colorful and have a variety of features that not only stimulate your baby’s sense of sight but also stimulate his or her sense of touch and hearing, which can increase curiosity. Playing gyms with hand-grabbing or foot-kicking mechanisms can also help your baby develop fine motor skills.

However, not all babies will be interested in all kinds of games. We often hear stories that “we bought a toy, but the baby never played with it”. You can find many play gyms at large toy stores, so it is a good idea to try them out with your baby and choose the ones that he or she responds to the most.

Singing and reading to your baby

Babies love to hear their mothers’ and fathers’ voices. Although they do not yet understand the meaning of the words, they try their best to understand what mom or dad is trying to tell them by the tone of their voice. It is also said to have a calming effect on babies because they have been hearing mom and dad’s voices since they are still in their bellies. Try to make physical contact by rubbing the baby’s cheeks or tummy while singing a cheerful song that puts the baby in a good mood, or read to the baby a book with pictures that will interest the baby.


When your baby shows some interest in you and some toys, you will find raising a kid fun. And you can play with your baby with their reactions around at 3-month-old. Choose a toy for your baby after checking their reactions.

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