The Best Shortcut to A Successful Pregnancy: Tips on Making Your Partner Cooperate!

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Pregnancy cannot be done exactly as you desire, it is said. Although many women who want to get pregnant strive to take care of their physical condition and check the ovulation everyday, one’s expectation for pregnancy cannot be guaranteed no matter how much preparation a woman does unless the husband’s cooperation is obtained.

If your husband, who ought to be waiting with you for your baby together (or working with you to make one), is not very cooperative, you will naturally become uneasy or sad. If you get frustrated with the difference in your desire for pregnancy, it may end up in a fight. And though you may persevere and wait patiently, you may never sense a cooperative attitude in your partner. There are many women who have such troubles, but because these are issues that cannot be easily discussed openly, they tend to keep to themselves and carry the burden alone.

So how can the husband feel good and be encouraged to cooperate in pregnancy? Solution hints may be lurking within the differences in you and your partner’s daily minor perspectives.

For men, sex and child-making are not equal

A couple is a man and a woman. For a woman (who prefers men), there is no other stimulus for a partner as a man in the “night’s activities”.

However,if there is too much focus and pressure on “child making”, men who are being driven to make a baby might want to run away.

No matter how much you want to have a baby, cherish the process of lovemaking. Men are surprisingly romantic creatures.

According to one man’s story:

“Because of that (making a baby), when my wife forced me to have sex “because today is ovulation day!”, and became very clinical and dispassionate about sex and often asked questions like, “Will this position make it easy to make a baby?”, I got tired.”

“Even though I managed to get over it and perform, I cannot concentrate on the act as if my child-making is a major premise. My sex was aimed at the ovulation days, and menstruation came with pressure as I watched my wife’s disappointed face.”

In order to get husband’s cooperation, it seems wise to improve in the little things of the daily marital relationship. Also there are women who consciously wear sexy lingerie to give some “inspiration”.

Sex is an extended expression of relaxation

When a couple is very much in love, you can hardly wait to meet each other to have a good time.  But as a married couple who live under one roof every day, you do not have to wait and feel no sense of separation, which diminishes the fun of waiting and expectation.

Because there is work to do during the day, it is likely that  couples are often separated from each other. Make it a point to make up for the time that you are away from each other with bonding activities.

In the morning when you have to leave for work, or when he leaves for work, you want to make it look like that you don’t really want to leave (but you have to because you gotta work for your pregnancy money, right?). So,act like you’re going to miss him, smile, and say “I do not want to leave..”, and just keep on smiling like you are a rich couple and you both don’t have to work. You might wanna say, “Go away now..”, or (if you are working) keep worrying and say “I ‘m going….” 

Now you might wonder what all these gestures mean, but if you can make a man think that there is something special that night that he can look forward to at home – a real man will work hard all day for that “moment”!

“No matter how bad it is at work, I say that tiredness and stress will blow away the moment when I look at my wife’s face who will say, “welcome back” with a bright smile.”

If a man can return home with such a feeling, the time of the night you spend together will naturally be fulfilling.

Holding hands while watching television, drinking alcohol while enjoying a love conversation, doing a massage, taking a bath together, etc. – these activities deepen love and bonds by realizing a lot of happiness by being together.

During these special bonding moments, child making and stories about having kids are prohibited. Keep these thoughts and feelings to yourself once in a while, and first be aware of your communication and “skin-ship” as a couple.

If your days are often spent this way, you will be a loving woman for your husband. The time spent together is the best relaxation and you will want to seek each other naturally.

If sex is an act of confirmation of your love as a couple, instead of a “child making” activity, your husband will be able to accept sex reasonably.

A woman who controls a man’s heart regulates the “stork who brings the babies”

Despite having a common feeling of “wanting to give babies”, a couple’s feelings and determination may mismatch during your attempts of making babies.Rather than merely seeking results, it is important to relax and enjoy the whole process. Have fun while keeping your pregnancy goal in sight.

Although men may not admit or show it often, a male’s heart is a delicate and romantic thing. So have the initiative to express your intentions indirectly. And, once in a while tease your husband – even between married couples, the love must be kept burning like spice.


Treat sex as an “act to confirm the love of a couple” rather than just “a means of making children”, to have mutual satisfaction with each other. Show love everyday in the little things, and gain cooperation from your husband to make it easy to have babies!

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