Tasks to Delegate to Your Partner in Preparation for Childbirth

Son and dad

For the dads – are you expecting that pregnancy and childbirth is a time for mothers to do their best, while you remain in the sidelines cheering them?

There are many things that a husband should and can do, to lessen the burden for mothers during pregnancy and upon giving birth.

In this article, we will explain four things that dad should do for his pregnant partner especially around the 37th week of pregnancy. These tips are especially useful for first-time dads!

Review flow from hospitalization to discharge

Do you think your partner is ready for being a dad? Usually, it’s hard for men to feel being a dad before a baby is born. But, you can teach him in many ways.

When labor begins

The onset of labor is when the countdown for childbirth begins. Although there is a guideline of the expected birth date, it is not uncommon for errors of 1 to 2 weeks. Prepare your mind and expect for labor to begin anytime once pregnancy has reached 37 weeks.

Careful preparation is indispensable and it is important to act calmly regardless of what happens. When labor pains begin, Dad may not be at the mother’s side. So organize information for various situations.

· Look up a taxi’s contact information (transportation to hospital)
· Dad must be available to answer a call from mother even at work. Inform the staff at work so that you
can get out of work when labor begins
· Check where the mother’s hospital is located
· Check with mommy regarding when and who to contact when labor pain begins

Prepare birth costs

In order to grasp the flow of birth from hospitalization to discharge, it is safe to check sources of information such as pamphlets and website for hospital information, birth guidance, etc. Double-check to make sure that the information is updated.

The behavior of the father in hospitals seems to be influenced by the circumstances of birth – whether he is actively attending the birth or not, and whether the mother is birthing at home or not. However, the dad chooses to participate, always be sure to check on expenses.

The total amount of childbirth and hospitalization costs differ depending on the method of delivery, the date of delivery, whether it is a private room or not, but it is better to have some cash ready. Get some advice and consult with mommy about the necessary costs in advance so that you can estimate the amount to be brought.

Labor and childbirth give moms and babies top priority

Even if the mother doesn’t ask you or say anything to the dad, it’s better to guess what she wants and what she wants you to do.

Support the mother to the utmost during childbirth

For first-time births, it is said that the average duration from the onset of labor pain to birth is 10 to 12 hours. Since it is an average, there are cases where it could take much longer or shorter – some women claim to have endured labor for up to two days, while others only five hours after rupture.

The pain of labor is so painful that one cannot describe it easily. So keep a watchful eye on the mother and support her. Sometimes the dad may be hit by the mother while enduring labor, but it is all due to pain.

Birth can be accompanied by considerable bleeding, and the father may be shocked to witness such a scene. So prepare yourself not to be disappointed.

Keep the house cleaned and washed.

When delivery finishes safely and successfully, mother and baby will be discharged after a hospitalization period of about 4 to 5 days or less. In preparation for discharge from the hospital, clean the house thoroughly.

Even the dad is not the one who give birth, there are many things to help and support the mother.

Think about sharing household chores after discharge

The mother after childbirth is obliged to breastfeed. Although breastfeeding frequency may vary, but for sure mother will have almost no time for sleep. A day will pass in the blink of an eye in a rush of breastfeeding and diaper changes.

Also, in addition to childcare, there are daily household chores such as cleaning, washing, preparing meals, etc. which can cause stress and fatigue for the mother.

It would be very helpful to be able to contribute to the cleaning, washing, cooking, and shopping. Easy things to do are cleaning of the room, washing, and loading of laundry.

Do not cause irritation and make Mama uneasy

“Postpartum depression” develops as a result of fatigue, stress and pressure after childbirth. It is said that 1% to 20% of women will experience postpartum depression. This is brought about by the great influence of childbirth on the body of women.

Papa should not be anxious or panic about mothers standing upright before and after giving birth. Emotional, spiritual, and psychological support such as encouraging words like “I am sure it will be OK”, or “I will be here if you ever need anything”, leads to the stability of Mama’s mind.


We have explained the four things that husbands should do when your wives arrive at the last month of their pregnancy.

· Understand the flow from hospitalization to discharge so that you can cope with the situation when labor comes
· Encourage moms when delivering
· Mastering housework and sharing housework after discharge
· Strive to avoid creating situations that cause stress

Birth may be accompanied by a lot of discomfort and uneasiness, and many things may not happen as expected even after giving birth.

You can make a goal of maintaining this extra level of support for three months. When the baby reaches three months, the interval between lactation increases and the baby will start to roll over, and sit. So for 3 months, let’s do our best as much as possible so you can survive childbirth safely as a couple.

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