Survive Painful Labor! 4 Useful Things for Childbirth

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Birth is one of the biggest events of life. It is a spectacular experience that cannot be described accurately unless one has gone through it. And before meeting your child face to face, you must survive body changes and painful labor.

This time, we will introduce four items that will be useful for the mother during labor.

Massage cushion

Most women have back pain when they are in labor.

At such times, it is useful to have a massage cushion handy. Get the cushion type that moves by connecting it to electrical outlets. If you apply this on your back, you can relieve the pain of labor considerably.

 If you have this type of massage cushion, we recommend that you bring it to the labor room. It will make the whole birthing process easier, so please try it.

Tennis ball

When giving birth, do not go crazy until the uterine mouth is 10cm. Pain must be endured until the child is ready to come out.

Sitting on a tennis ball puts a lid on the uterine mouth. Sit down on the tennis ball with your clothes on while waiting for the baby.

“Healing” goods

Particularly in case of first-time birth, it is said that labor hours can last for over 12 hours on the average. To help yourself bear pain for a long period of time, you may depend on “healing goods”.

Healing goods are things that bring you comfort and can help you relax. These may be your favorite stuffed toys or aromatherapy items that you can request to bring with you to the labor room.

Getting yourself to relax in the face of childbirth is very important.

“Distraction” goods

Although you may have brought some “healing” goods with you, it may not be enough to distract you from the pain.

In addition to healing goods, you should take books, games, and gadgets  that will help take your mind off the pain.

Some women can labor for hours and hours. In order to help themselves to endure, many of them take to social media to broadcast the status of labor like, “uterine mouth 6 cm long”. Friends and followers might get worried but must remain supportive because it serves as a good distraction from the discomfort of the mother.


Different women have different ways to help themselves during labor. But the four types of items mentioned above are common to everyone. Consider bringing these with you when preparing for hospitalization.

Although childbirth is hard and it hurts, it is one of the best experiences. So, pregnant women, do not give up and give birth to healthy babies!

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