Pregnancy & Labor Massage


I can hardly wait for the day when I can finally see the baby whenever I see a woman’s stomach growing day by day.

On the other hand, what kind of pain is labor? There are a lot of moms who have anxiety over labor and delivery.

Today, we will introduce labor massage to relieve labor for mothers who are currently pregnant. It does not make the pain disappear completely, but helps to alleviate it.

Labor pain lasts more than 10 hours if it is long. Along with the courage to face the pain, let’s prepare ourselves with the knowledge of labor massage to help ease labor pain.

Is labor massage effective for pain?

Yes, labor pain hurts.

“Pain which puts out watermelon from the nose”..”Pain that can crush the waist”…”Pain like furious constipation”…, etc. is told in various metaphors, but it is an expression which can convince only those who have experienced it.

Labor is clearly painful and it hurts. But once it begins you’ll have to put up with it. You cannot decide to switch to a painless delivery when you are already on the way.

That’s why you need to know about a labor massage.

How about a labor massage? Does it work?

You can not completely eliminate the pain just because you did a labor massage. To be honest, it may not work much for some women.

But you can learn to distract yourself from doing nothing, rather than focus solely on enduring the pain. And you can relax and relieve the pain even a little .

Labor pain massage is not like taking out the stiffness from your shoulder or back after an hour of treatment. It is a method of overcoming labor pain until the baby is born.

Three types of labor massage

In this section, we provide you some useful ways to help you in performing some labor massages to minimize labor pain. Take note of the main points below!

Push through the anus 

The first type of massage to ease labor is to push the area around the anus.

The way to do it is to spin the anus with a hand made into fist, like a tennis ball. When the waves of the labor force pushes forward, it will ease labor.

If you endure pain, your body will definitely resist, but the point of this is to get rid of labor. It is because oxygen will not go off enough to your baby’s belly if you resist.

It has been said that labor is easier if the anus was pushed with a fist. Since you can not reach it by yourself, allow the hospital staff or the midwife to do it.

To hit the waist 

As the birth progresses, the baby moves downwards, and the mother will feel intense pain on the pelvis and waist. The mother’s pelvis opens slowly to give way for the bay’s head to pass through.

For that reason, it seems that there are many people who relieve pain by inducing more pain. Instead of being gentle, strong acupressure is applied so as not to be defeated by the severe pain of labor.

Pressure points (Sanctuary) pushing

The acupuncture point of three affinities is said to be effective for women’s troubles such as menstrual irregularity, coldness, and menopausal disorder. In addition, it is also expected to reduce labor pain and lead to easy delivery.

There are three fingers above the base of the ankle. It is the point that feels a little pain when pressed.

 Press that area to relieve yourself of pain during labor. You may try massaging yourself on a trial basis. Press and massage with reasonable strength.

I am scared of labor, how do I get through? 

Many of those who are learning to massage to relieve labor may feel scared of labor and childbirth. Especially if it is the first time, right?

When birth starts, only the mother can give birth to a baby. The mother and the baby must cooperate to survive the birth process.

However, the midwife may not always be there during labor. She may go to see another patient, or sometimes attend another birth at the same time.

They need to understand that they should always be ready to provide support until the mother gives birth.


Labor pain does not persist all the time, the painful sensation alternates so that it hurts and then disappears. At the beginning, for about every 10 minutes. Then as the birth progresses, the pain will come every two to three minutes.

When it comes, the pain is intense. Then there is a break of about a few minutes. Take advantage of this time to relax instead of anticipating the next wave of pain. Please refer to the labor massage introduced in this article to survive birth.

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