Start Writing a Parenting Diary: Advantages and Key Points


When a baby is born, you may want to keep a parenting diary for future memories. However, are you not good at keeping a diary? I don’t know what to write or how to write it, or are you worried that you might keep doing it after 3 days?

In fact, there are many unexpected advantages to keeping a parenting diary. In this article, we will introduce some points to keep in mind when keeping a parenting diary, how to choose a diary, and how to keep writing a diary for more than three days.

Advantages of writing a parenting diary

There are many advantages to keeping a parenting diary, but we have picked out five main ones for you.

You can keep your precious memories.

First of all, keeping a diary will serve as a future memory, like an album. In some cases, it is recommended to add photos or draw illustrations together. This will help you remember more clearly when you read it over later.

It will serve as a reference for your next pregnancy and delivery.

If this is your first childbirth, keeping a parenting diary can also serve as childcare data when you get pregnant and give birth to your second child. Pregnancy and childbirth are unique to each individual, and each person has her own unique way of raising a child. A detailed childcare diary will be very useful.

It will be helpful when your children become parents.

Likewise, it will be of great help to your children when they become parents. When your children are raising their own children, you may wonder, “How did it go when I was a parent?” A child-rearing diary is a unique and valuable asset for a child, as it allows the child to look back and see what he or she has done.

It is a record of changes in the baby’s physical condition.

By recording changes in the baby’s physical condition in a childcare diary, it is easier to keep track of medical conditions. You will be able to notice changes quickly, and it is also useful for explaining to medical personnel in case of an emergency.

Objective recognition of your own stress

While it is easy to feel anxious about the day-to-day life of a newborn infant, keeping a parenting diary is an aspect of mental stability. It is also a way to recognize the stress that you may have unknowingly carried with you.

Points to keep in mind when keeping a parenting diary

A parenting diary has many advantages. You would definitely want to keep one, wouldn’t you? Here are some points to keep in mind when keeping a parenting diary.

First, there are two types of parenting diaries: one you can write in a diary and the other in a smartphone app. The first fork in the road is which one to use. Handwritten diaries offer more flexibility, while apps offer more convenience, so choose the one that best suits your preferences.

The next point to consider is how detailed the diary should be; writing in a daily time axis allows you to clearly record even the smallest changes, but it becomes more difficult to find time to write in a diary after the child turns one year old when he or she begins to move around on his or her own. Choose a style that is easy to keep. The recommended style is to keep a diary of each event or matter of concern.

Depending on the medical institution where you give birth, a childcare diary may also be distributed to you. In addition, you may be required to write down the necessary information in a designated section of the childcare diary and submit it periodically. It is recommended that you check with the medical institution in advance.

How to keep writing a parenting diary

Even a parenting diary with its many advantages is meaningless if it cannot be continued. Let’s keep in mind the key points so that you can keep writing for a long time.

The first point is to pay attention to the design of your parenting diary. It can be a character of your choice that makes you look forward to picking up the diary.

Also, if you want to keep it quick and simple, we recommend using an app that allows easy entry. It is also a good idea to take advantage of small gaps in time, or if you often go out by bus or other means, decide to write while traveling. If you carry a handwritten journal, choose one that is compact in size.

Then, another way is to involve someone other than yourself. For example, writing with your husband, having him read it to you, or writing and publishing a parenting blog is a good way to make it last longer.


There are many benefits to keeping a parenting diary. Not only does it serve as a memory, but it can also serve as parenting data and a reference when your child becomes a parent.

It can also help you keep track of your baby’s physical changes, health conditions, and medical conditions, and writing down your worries and thoughts can be like a tranquilizer for mothers. While keeping in mind the points introduced here, think about how to keep a diary that fits your personality and lifestyle, and enjoy writing down your memories.

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