Simple Tips on Taking Interesting Maternity Photos!

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Wedding ceremonies, honeymoon trips, anniversaries and other celebrations and milestones make nice memories that we want to keep forever through photos. There is an increasing number of women who wish to have maternity photos and display their big pregnant bellies in commemoration of this special phenomenon exclusively for women called “pregnancy”.

Maternity photos have become popular because of celebrities who have had their pictures taken during pregnancy and made these photos public in the media. Recently, it is becoming popular among the general public as well, but sometimes it may be difficult to make it happen by missing the shooting time, or resistance to showing the skin. Regardless, the point is to shoot nice maternity pictures that will remain memorable for a lifetime.

3 Steps to Shoot Maternity Photos

Preparation is just as necessary to pregnancy as it is to leave it with good memories and a nice maternity photo. It is best to have a good plan in order to create great images. This article will discuss the procedures to be taken to make your maternity photo shoot a success.

Step 1: Decide the shooting time

If you want to take a maternity photo, the first thing you want to think about is the shooting time. The stomach is not so big yet at around 5 to 6 months, which may make it difficult for the viewer of your photo to realize that you are actually pregnant. If it develops an obvious bulge at the end of the month, then you can take a clear picture from any angle.

Therefore, the most recommended timing is at 8 to 9 months. A point to remember is that you(pregnant woman) will have to be in a great mood at the time of the shooting because your condition will naturally affect the photos.

Step 2: Think about the image composition

Next to consider is the kind of photos you want to make, such as whether to shoot with the whole atmosphere and background, by yourself, or with the family such as your husband and older child. If you have any necessary props, then prepare it. When undecided, maternity photos of celebrities will be helpful and serve as good references. Think warm and happy thoughts and plan your poses.

Pregnant women with their protruding bellies have a unique body proportion and that is why many of them get themselves photographed nude or semi-nude, but if you are uncomfortable with showing skin, you can keep your dress on. 

Even if you choose to wear clothes that fit your pregnant body shape, a good pose would be to hold down the belly with one hand and support the bottom with the other to emphasize the bulge and make a nice display of your belly.

Step 3: Search for a studio and make a reservation

If you are unable to shoot outdoors, look for a studio that can recreate the setting close to the imagined image. Colors vary depending on the studio, props, costumes, background, etc., so have an on-site check of the features of each studio. Recently there are many studios which offer a “Maternity photo exclusive plan”. In such studios, they have already prepared themselves to be flexible and respond to sudden changes in their client’s physical condition. Pregnancy is a delicate time, so you must confirm if your studio has emergency response procedures to such situations.

Some women prefer to shoot in the outdoors where the relaxing environment and the natural look will greatly contribute and improve the finish of the photos. However, no matter how good the weather condition is, mind the burden of too much physical outdoor activity on your pregnant body. You may look for a studio that can imitate the action and adventure without causing fatigue.

Proceed to make a reservation once the perfect studio has been decided. Maternity photoshoots are done within a limited time, so it is easier to arrange as soon as possible. However, if you feel stiffness or an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach on the day of the shoot, do not hesitate to take a rest and cancel. To prepare for such instances, you may contact 2 to 3 studios in advance.

Popular Production Methods for Fun Photos

There are many creative ways to take a picture with your unborn child. These are some of the simplest settings:

Body Paint

Using body paint, you can make all sorts of drawings on your pregnant belly. Include designs that make use of the bulging, like messages awaiting for birth, etc. It also produces gorgeous results when it complements the overall look of the photo. Together with body paint, your maternity photo becomes a more interesting image.

Popular designs, for example, are illustrations of babies and dolphins. Designs that give hints on the gender of the baby, blue motifs such as the sea, sky, and the universe, for boys, and nice, pretty things for girls such as flowers and hearts and animals.

Body painting uses water-based paint, so it will wash off in the bath.

Maternity Sash/Ribbon/Belt

A maternity sash belt can add interest to your photo composition. You can wind flowers in it using a thick ribbon, wrap it around your stomach, and shoot! There are a variety of ways to wear it depending on the motif, the baby’s gender, and the overall design. Maternity sashes can be handmade. When the baby is born, it can be used as a subject for another photo as a commemorative item of your pregnancy.

Photo Props

Props can be made of common items like drawing paper. You may attach it on a stick and write a message on it. Another idea is to make a message balloon which can provide a nice accent to the photo. The impression of a photo changes dramatically even with a simple design that pops out from the image with a memorable message.

You can write popular greetings like “Hello Baby” and messages that welcome the child such as “It’s a Boy!”. If you have already decided on your baby’s name, this can provide a nice touch to your message, too.

You can include the participation of family members in your photoshoot and create a stylish image that involves them in an activity with you and your pregnant belly. Aside from that, show that you are happy and having fun in your photos and incorporate visual effects. These can be as simple as your silhouette or the wind blowing through your hair.


Maternity photos trigger happy memories and are great tools to convey parents’ affection to the child. It can be an investment on family bond and serve as a reminder of how everyone looked forward to the child’s birth and show how much he/she is cherished.

Also during pregnancy, the skin becomes more beautiful due to the influence of hormonal balance, which is definitely an advantage for shooting nice photos! Please make time to enjoy this “special piece of yourself” to celebrate womanhood, and make the best memories of yourself and your baby.

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