Sex for pregnancy (Timing, Frequency, Position)

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The timing method is known as the first method that people who have started trying to have a baby. The method is to check the ovulation date from the menstrual cycle and tests and have sex around the ovulation date. However, is there an easier way to get pregnant in the sex act itself?

Let’s take a look at some of the hard-to-find questions about sex during infertility treatment.

Do you always get pregnant if you have sex around the ovulation day?

Even if a healthy man and woman have sex near the date of ovulation, the chances of getting pregnant during that cycle are said to be around 20%. Therefore, it is not always possible to get pregnant if you have sex around the time of ovulation.

In addition, it is said that the most likely time to conceive is from two days before to the day of ovulation. This is because it takes time for the sperm to ejaculate and get to the egg. If you are working on timing your pregnancy, we recommend that you use this time of year to have sex.

What kind of sex makes it easier to get pregnant?

There is a lot of information out there about sex for infertility treatment, such as “morning sex makes it easier to get pregnant” or “it’s better to have a period of abstinence (a period when you don’t have sex) around the time of ovulation.”

Here, we’re going to answer a variety of questions about sex during infertility treatment.


“You are more likely to get pregnant if you have sex in the morning?” This is a false rumor. Since there is no such data and it has not been medically proven, there is no connection between the time of day of sex and fertility.

Although there is no direct connection to fertility, there is a theory that the body is in a better state in the morning for sex than it is at night because the male hormone testosterone is secreted in the morning and the female side also secretes more noradrenaline, a substance that excites nerves.

Sometimes, having sex at a different time of the day than usual can prevent you from getting bored and you may enjoy sex differently than usual.


Some of you may have heard that “a period of abstinence (a period of not having sex) is set up near the date of ovulation in order to preserve good quality sperm” or that “without a period of abstinence, sperm density will be weak.

However, there is no difference in sperm concentration between abstinence periods and no abstinence periods. In addition, it is said that stale sperm has a reduced motility rate. It is believed that having sex as often as possible without a special period of abstinence will increase the chances of pregnancy.


There is also a lot of information about positions for sex, but there is no significant relationship between position and pregnancy rate. There is a possibility of pregnancy in any position, so it is most important to have sex in a relaxed mood without thinking that you have to do it in this position.

There are many rumors out there, however, you have to know whether if it’s true or not. Don’t believe all of the rumors!

How to avoid feeling pressured to have sex infertility treatment

Up to this point, we’ve looked at a variety of questions about sex during infertility treatment. And the most important thing is to enjoy sex in a relaxed mood without feeling pressured or obligated. Here are some tips to help you avoid feeling pressured to have sex while you’re trying to have pregnant.

Have physical contact often such as kissing and hugging

Regular physical contact may help relieve the pressure of sex around ovulation day.

Do foreplay and make a good atmosphere during sex

Foreplay and creating an atmosphere are also recommended as a way to enjoy sex. It’s easier to reach orgasm with each other when the sex itself is enjoyed.

When you feel orgasm, the vagina contracts and the uterus comes down to near the vaginal opening and produces a large amount of secretion, which may help the sperm to move. Let’s have sex with your partner a more enjoyable time by trying different methods.

Don’t be too aware of the day of ovulation

It seems that most couples who become sexless or feel obligated throughout their infertility treatment tend to be too aware of the date of ovulation. If you can’t have sex around the time of ovulation, don’t be too depressed and try to get through infertility treatment in a positive way by trying another day.


Feeling pressure is a big “NO” when you want to get pregnant. Don’t be discouraged by “I’m trying to get pregnant” and aim to have sex as an expression of love as you did before you started trying to get pregnant.

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