Safe Sex During Pregnancy: Measures and Precautions

During very early pregnancy, both mom and dad may be anxious about whether it is safe to have sex or not. However, having sex is part of a couple’s communication, and many of you may want to know what would happen if you have sex during a very early pregnancy.

This article will introduce whether there are any influences of sex like miscarriage, etc.

You May Be Worried About Having Bad Influences

If you get pregnant for the first time, you may not know what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. Speaking of having sex during pregnancy, you may wonder if you can do that or not. And what would happen if you do that.

“Very early pregnancy” happens as soon as the sperm reaches the egg. During pregnancy, your body and mind will go through many changes However, during very early pregnancy, the mother’s body has just begun to transform. Along with these preliminary changes are conflicting emotions brought about by the confusion over the sudden transformation.

It’s pretty normal for most pregnant women to have anxiety because of the sudden transformation.

What is Very Early Pregnancy?

The very early pregnancy refers to the 0th week to the 4th week of pregnancy, and it is the very early stage until the pregnancy is confirmed in the hospital. The 0th week of pregnancy is the last day of menstruation, so you are not actually pregnant yet. You get pregnant by implantation which happens around the 3rd week of pregnancy.

There are many couples who don’t notice pregnancy during this period, however, so they continue to have sex as usual. On the other hand, a few women may begin to experience morning sickness immediately after implantation. There may be symptoms of implantation bleeding, and although the pregnancy is at a very early stage, changes in the body have begun.

When implantation is complete, the secretion of follicle hormone and luteinizing hormone becomes active, and so the changes begin to manifest. The main symptoms are fever, dullness, and other body discomforts similar to cold. As we mentioned above, there are some people who have bleeding that occurs during implantation, called “implantation bleeding”. However, you don’t need to panic since this bleeding is not because of miscarriage.

On the other hand, the baby in the uterus doesn’t have the shape of a human yet and is still in the cell division stage. The baby is called an “embryo” and performs cell division and organ formation at a tremendous speed to become a human form.

Sex During Early Pregnancy

There is basically no problem with sexual activity in the very early pregnancy or during pregnancy. However, the uterus contracts when women feel orgasm during sex. You may be worried if uterine contraction might cause miscarriage or increase the risk. However, orgasm with sex basically does not adversely affect the pregnancy if uterine contraction occurs.

However, it is not recommended to have sexual activity too often during the very early pregnancy period when various changes begin to occur in the body. Sometimes you may not feel well, because of nausea or fatigue from morning sickness. In such a case, talk with your partner about your physical condition to make him understand the need to take a break from sex.

Summing It All Up

In addition, during pregnancy, the vagina may not get wet easily due to the influence of hormone balance. Therefore, you may feel pain when having sex during pregnancy. If you put up with the pain and keep having sex, your vagina may get scratched from friction. It is common for women not to get wet easily during pregnancy.

If you feel pain, do not be embarrassed to bring it up with your partner. If you don’t open up, your partner may not notice your discomfort. Remember that communication is always important!