Sex during Pregnancy: FAQ’s about Safe Sex


Many pregnant women often wonder and want to know if they can have sex during pregnancy. They don’t know what to do or how to respond when their partner wants to have sex. On top of that, it may not be easy to open up to someone regarding this concern.

This article will explain some FAQs about sex during pregnancy.

It’s Better to Know the Rules!

When you get pregnant, you may wonder if you can have sex…and if you can do this and that … If you don’t know the right answer, you may hurt yourself or you may get miscarriage which is worst case. Therefore, you should know the rules below.

It’s normal that you don’t know but the point is that it’s important to try to know them by collecting the right information.

Rules for Sex during Pregnancy

Sex is one of a couple’s communication. However, some of them can’t have sex because they are too worried about the effects on their baby. Therefore, you need to follow these rules:

Don’t have sex when you don’t feel well

You need to say “No” to your partner when you don’t feel well. Certain positions and hard sex that cause burden and pressure on your body need to be avoided. If you feel your belly getting tight, you should stop as well.

Use Condoms

Use a condom as prostaglandins contained in semen can promote or trigger uterine contraction. Condoms are also effective in preventing STD.

No sex when you don’t feel like having sex

When you are pregnant, you might not feel like having sex not only because you tend to worry about your baby, but also because you might not feel well especially during the first trimester when you are suffering from morning sickness. There is nothing wrong with asking for your husband to stop/not to have sex. However, tell your husband that you don’t want to do it now. If you don’t, they will also be anxious and frustrated when they sense that you are not into it.

Keep your body clean

You should take a shower before sex to prevent infection. Also, don’t let your husband put their fingers in your vagina. Vagina has a self-cleaning effect, but its capability to do so decreases during pregnancy. There is a possibility that you may get infected with bacteria, get wounds in the vagina, bleed, or get an upset stomach, etc.

No sex when you see these signs!

  • Bleeding
  • Feel tight around your belly
  • See unusual conditions, such as odd smell
  • The cervical canal gets short
  • Cervical asthenia
  • You get instructed to rest by your doctor

FAQ’s about Sex During Pregnancy

There are FAQs that you may also have. So, please check them out.

How do you keep the baby safe? Will he hit the baby if he inserts his penis deeply?

The penis never reaches the baby just because of deep penetration. However, if he tries to insert too deeply, the stimulation may be too strong and it may encourage contraction of the uterus. Soft and gentle sex is the key.

Do you have a miscarriage or premature birth?

Sex does not directly trigger miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, you can enjoy having sex without deep penetration. However, there is a risk of miscarriage or premature birth if you do not use a condom and promote uterine contraction, or if you get infected with bacteria and inflammation in the uterus.

What if I’m the one who wants to have sex instead of my husband?

Men, like women, maybe anxious about sex during pregnancy. And they might worry about asking you to have sex during pregnancy. In that case, tell them that it’s okay if both of you stick to the rules. If there is no clear communication and it leads to misunderstanding and consequences that you would not want to happen.


Many of you may be worried about having sex during pregnancy. However, you can have sex with your partner as long as you follow the rules and use a condom. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your partner. Communication is key to maintaining a nice and sweet relationship whether you are pregnant or not.

So cherish this major life experience, and enjoy sex during pregnancy!

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