Sex and Insertion Time: How long should sex last?


Some survey reports have shown that 98.8% of married couples were satisfied with their sex life. However, there are new reports that only 46% of men and 58% of women were satisfied with their current sex life. Are there effective ways to increase satisfaction levels in sex? In this article, we explain the primary factors you need to consider when choosing the right sex position, different sexual positions for great sex, the recommended sex positions, and the right insertion time to increase your satisfaction with sex.

Primary Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Sex Position

There are many books and literature that offer the best advice when it comes to having great sex. Considering the right sexual positions is very important because it determines the amount of pleasure you get from any sexual experience, and the appropriate execution can leave you with some awkward circumstances or health issues.

In this section, we provide you with the primary factors your need to consider in choosing the right sex position, some of the sexual positions that you and your partner/spouse can do for great, safe, and satisfying sex, and the recommended sex based on your sexual needs and preferences:


  • Height – Check each other’s height and make sure that all measurements are properly aligned with one another. The normal height gap is between 6 to 12 inches, so anything more than that can make sex painful. 
  • Weight – Having an above-average weight can be hard when performing sex. However, there are sex pillows, wedges, ramps, and other types of positioning aids available to support your body. Still, be careful when you use sex swings and slings if both of you have above-average weight. So, maintaining an average and healthy weight is a must if you want to enjoy your sex life more.
  • Mobility – If you or your partner has any physical limitations, discuss ahead of time to narrow down your sex options. You may use some sex furniture to help with your mobility issues. There are also specific sex positions that can be modified according to the needs or requirements of one another. Select a sexual position that you and your partner can fully enjoy without getting hurt.
  • Pleasure or Pain – Don’t refrain from a sexual position because it causes you minor pain. Take note that a little bit of pain can help you towards reaching orgasm. However, if it persists and causes problems like bleeding, you need to change your sex position.
  • Equipment – Consider with your partner how you will use a piece of special equipment for sex. You need to know and understand how to use any of them and make sure they are sturdy enough to make it through your session. 
  • Practicality – If a sex position looks very complex or challenging, try other sex positions instead or you can practice the position in segments. 
  • Safety – If the position looks dangerous, seek help or communicate effectively with your partner and choose other safe sex positions. Don’t ever risk your health or your partner’s. 

Most Recommend Sex Positions for Great Sex

We gather the most recommend sex positions for great sex. Take note of the following information:

  • Spooning – This position is also ideal for pregnant women and it is the best alternative for the doggy-style position. It allows couples to have deeper penetration. To do this position, your partner must lay on his or her side and position yourself similarly behind them until your crotches are aligned. After that, stimulate your partner’s clitoris or penis while penetrating them with your bare hands or a sex toy. 
  • Over-the-Shoulder Boulder – This position is very effective when stimulating the g-spot and clitoris at the same tie as it provides great deep penetration. Your partner must lay on their back with their legs spread open and their knees bent. Then, climb in between their thighs carefully and gently, as they rest their ankles or calves on your shoulders. You may play with your partner’s clitoris or perineum while having sex in this position.
  • Pretzel dip – To avoid back pains during sex, this position allows the couple to lay with comfort. First, tease your partner with manual stimulation, and a little rub down from your shaft. After that, your partner must lay on his or her left side. Then, you must kneel and straddle his or her leg. Your partner must bend the right leg around your waist, enabling access to the vaginal entrance. 

Vulnerability, Intimacy, and Orgasm: Important Elements of Satisfying Sex

Before you know the right insertion time for pleasurable sex, you need to understand the connection between orgasm and intimacy. All of us produce a hormone called oxytocin, a bonding hormone that increases our feelings of connection to each other, and it is responsible for those pleasant and heart-fluttering emotions we link with love. 

Orgasm takes us from the realm of thinking to that exhilarating experience, so both of you need to be open and honest about what makes you feel good. This will help you and your partner to know what is pleasurable and become intimate with each other. 

Also, having a committed relationship with your partner is vital. If you can’t trust each other in the same way, you will hit a vulnerability roadblock. This makes your sex less intense and less satisfying as it only becomes self-focused, not considering the other person’s feelings. Despite pushing the boundaries of sex, it is impossible to reach great sex. It all matters in a deep emotional relationship. 

A survey revealed that there is a correlation between sexual satisfaction in both men and women who are married and close to each other as women who are satisfied with the intimacy of their sex life are 5x more likely to have an orgasm during sex and men who feel close to their wives during sex are 3.4x more likely to report that their wives are very enthusiastic during sex. Feeling close to your spouse makes great sex. So, emotional intimacy (trust and vulnerability), spiritual intimacy (feeling like you’re one), and physical intimacy (orgasm) are all designed to go together to have fulfilling sex.

Insertion Time that Increases the Length of Satisfaction in Sex

Some people wonder what the right insertion time can increase the length of satisfaction with sex. Researchers and medical experts revealed in a study that penile-vaginal intercourse and the consistency of being able to reach vaginal orgasm were associated with sexual satisfaction.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published its study in 2008 about the ideal duration or time of sexual intercourse. The researchers conclude that anywhere from 7-15 minutes is the perfect insertion time to maximize satisfaction levels in sex.

Still, there is an extensive variation between people and couples, so there are different ways to engage in pleasurable sex. Simply, focusing on pleasure and having a good time with your partner is what really matters.


To have a great and satisfying sex life, you and your partner/spouse need to consider the primary factors when choosing the right sex positions, the important elements of fulfilling sex such as vulnerability, orgasm, and intimacy, and the right insertion time suitable for both of your sexual needs and preferences. Sex life is not just about reaching the climax but enjoying each other’s company and improving your relationship with each other.

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