Sex After Birth: Is It Painful?


After the pounding, a woman’s body has taken from giving birth, and the roller coaster ride through the body changes in the past nine months of pregnancy – there is a need for sufficient rest and recovery before intimate activities with your partner can be resumed.

So for your safety and convenience, let’s go over some stuff that you need to consider to prepare for sex after childbirth.

When Can I Have Sex Again After Childbirth?

Doctors recommend abstaining from sex six weeks after giving birth, to ensure that you have healed and that lochia has stopped. Lochia is the discharge of the uterus and it signifies that the cervix has not completely closed yet.

It is important to allow the cervix to heal before engaging in penetrative sex to avoid vaginal infections and bleeding.

Biological Factors that may Affect or Delay Sexual Intimacy After Childbirth

Estrogen levels drop after giving birth and during breastfeeding. This affects vaginal elasticity and may cause symptoms similar to menopause like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. It changes something down there and as experienced by many women, sex may feel painful the first few times – even after more than six weeks from giving birth. A little bleeding and discomfort are normal, but if you want sex to go smoothly, a lubricant and serious foreplay is highly recommended.

Take note that if bleeding does not stop shortly after sex and continues for 1 to 2 days, check with your doctor.

How is making love after childbirth different from sex before pregnancy?

Based on various studies and numerous interviews, most couples actually take longer than six weeks before they find themselves ready for some postpartum sex.

Women differ in their speed of recovery after childbirth, and sex may be the last thing on their minds when taking care of their newborn. Some may suffer from postpartum depression, and others may have body image issues. Most mothers just don’t see themselves sexy enough for some bed action after pregnancy. And in order for sexual intimacy to be truly enjoyable, women need time to adjust and regain control of their bodies after giving birth.

On the other hand, some fathers have confessed that a baby can kill the desire between a couple. However, there are men and women who have adjusted beautifully to parenthood and found themselves awakening to a heightened sense of sexual freedom and have gotten more creative in their determination to sustain sexual desire and find time and opportunities “to get busy”.

For example, quiet afternoons can become precious moments with some quickies while the baby is asleep.

Men and women have a little bit different desires about sex. And men may want you more even after childbirth. However, you may need time more to do that. The important thing is to talk with your partner.

Rekindling the Passion after Childbirth

Sexual reconnection with your mate after childbirth doesn’t always have to be in the form of sexual activity. Even five minutes of massage, cuddling, and happy conversations should help stimulate your sexual attraction.

Smart husbands successfully manage to revive the sexual desire in tired mothers by being more attentive to the woman’s needs at a time when her exhaustion levels are off the scale from changing diapers and breastfeeding round the clock.

Because a significant part of a woman’s desire is linked to her self-esteem, it is wise to allow her time to get back in shape and recover by giving her a hand in baby care.


Postpartum sex should not be scary at all. Given the right timing and condition, the discovery of new strategies to keep the flame alive is an experience worth looking forward to and should be a challenging and fun adventure as a couple.

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